TRACK REVIEW: Kyau & Albert – Lover In The Dark


Seems like Kyau & Albert have stirred up quite the storm with their new track Lover In The Dark. Only released a short time ago, the track is already widely accepted in the trance world by receiving plays on radio shows like Future Sound of Egypt by Aly & Fila and A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren.

The last I heard of this track was in the studio preview; now fully complete and ready to be unleashed on the dance floor, the track brings the classic K&A vocals with their signature melodic progression. We can fully appreciate the track now after it’s final mastering bringing out the booming kick that complements the melodic keys harmoniously. Kyau & Albert always graciously send EDMTOR their content for us Torontonians to enjoy and this release is no exception!

The full original mix is six minutes of 130 BPM goodness. The speed that K&A have selected really adds solid groove and bounce to the touching lyrics. I particularly like how the bass line fills in the uplifting progression; it is subtle touches like these that show off the K&A production ingenuity.

The track has also been stirring up interest with other artists like Bjorn Akesson, laying the groundwork for his prime time remix of Lover In The Dark. This powerful remix retains the K&A melodic elements and kicks up the energy with huge build ups and  trance synths in a symphony of high hats. It is one to check out along with the original as well!

Kyau & Albert Lover In The Dark is available now on Beatport, grab your copy following this link here today!

Kyau & Albert

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