EP REVIEW: Ana Cole’s, “Twisted”


Birmingham artist Ana Cole (formely known as Lisa Sharred) brings forth a dark, 3-track EP titled, “Twisted.” The EP features a remix by Marc Spence and houses a heavy feel paired with an undeniable groove.

Twist It comes in gently and then lets the drums hit hard. This track is definitely one for the clubs – plenty of room to step and slide between the bassline and the melody. A classic LFO bass and pop-inspired elements come together to create a track that breathes.

Did You Hear That? features a dub/reggae-inspired beat which leads into percussive elements. The track is groovy – a good one for cruising around the city after dark. The bass is powerful and pairs nicely with the rest of the elements.

Marc Spence’s remix of Twist It takes things a little deeper and a whole lot darker. The kick pounds, the track stomps. It’s a good spin on Ana’s original creation.

Pick up your copy of “Twisted” February 1st,2015 on Beatport.


Ana Cole


Kayla LePage – EDM TOR


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