TRACK REVIEW: Perrelli & Mankoff – Hierarchy (Original Mix)


The UK trance duo’s Perrelli & Mankoff have been busy in the studio lately conjuring up some fresh Trance. Their new track Hierachy was released earlier this week January 11th, 2016 on Beatport and I cant wait to see what effect it will have in the worldwide Trance community.


The intense driving basslines are perfectly matched with some Psy-Trance esque synthetic voices placed throughout the track. The breakdown in particularly is something I really enjoyed, I love what P&M did with the bright synth chords to create such a massive sounding track. After the breakdown the track rotates right back into the Psy-Trance-esque style basslines, P&M brings in the bright synth melodies once again to finish off the track. Overall the 138 BPM track is very catchy, it would not be surprising for us to start hearing Hierachy in some of your favourite artist sets and radio shows.

Aswell, your time will be well spent crusing through P&M’s Soundcloud, the duo are always hard at work putting their genius at work. Their remix of Markus Schulz‘s track Destiny featuring Delacey is worth noting as well as their original track Phantom Of The Emperor. P&M’s sound is very broad which can be heard in their Painkiller EP, the original track is very progressive and has lots of Tech Trance influence.

Be sure to follow Perrelli & Mankoff for their latest releases just as I am.

You can pick up your copy of Hierarchy at Beatport following this link here.


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