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The age of the internet makes collaboration a whole lot easier. International artists Danny Q Parker (Hamburg) and Kula Borelly (Toronto) had longtime plans for a collaboration and finally moved on the idea Spring 2015. Danny created the melody and sent it to Kula. When after a few weeks they both were happy with the sound, they wanted to add a vocalist to the track. Amy Kirkpatrick loved the track and finished the lyrics to the song in a breeze.

Churning and evoking a medley of emotions, Space Between reminds us just how painful love can be – whether be a bad break up or a love that can never be. The heartfelt song, Space between incorporates piano and vocals by Kirkpatrick seamlessly with electro-beats, resembling Audien’s melodious signature style. Together, Borelly, Parker, and Kirkpatrick have assembled a hit, that’s both vivacious and hauntingly beautiful as well as highly danceable.

Speaking of dancing: Danny and Kula are real movers:

Danny- “When we play out we don’t just stand there behind the decks, we love dancing. You know, I went to some clubs to party and it was good but not the greatest vibe/ It’s because the DJs there weren’t moving at all. I think you need to show the crowd that you love what you’re doing and the music, jump around, put on a good show of course, but show everybody you feel the beat.”

Kula- “For sure, I don’t stop moving. If I’m not having a good time how is the crowd feeling? Too many DJs are stuck starring in to their laptop to even notice what the crowd is doing. I hate that!”

When it comes to success, the guys don’t ambition making a ton of money. Rather they see thousands or millions of people love what they do. Maybe it will inspire others. Thousands of people screaming at a performance is what drives them. Not the money or the fame.

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