TRACKS: Virus Syndicate Release New Single “Gimme The Mic”


Manchester UK outfit Virus Syndicate have never been ones to shy away from controversy. Clocking in 10 years in the business, the band has become synonymous with their devil may cry attitude and thought-provoking lyrical lashings. Closing out 2015, Virus found themselves embroiled in controversy when their music video for Psychopath, a single off their upcoming album “Symptomatic” out February 29, was banned in France- the band’s largest market.

Not ones to censor their artistic vision to spare feelings, Psychopath was a commentary on the darker side of global affairs and utilized found footage of ISIS and other terrorist cells to portray the message of the single. Unknown to the band, this subject matter would take center stage in the weeks to come with the Paris bombings just on the horizon. Arguably more relevant than ever, Psychopath struck a nerve with the French government, who banned the video in the entirety of France due to sensitive subject matter in light of the attacks. Subsequently the band cancelled their French tour until a later date, greatly hindering the band.

In the wake of the Psychopath events, Virus are pushing forward and giving fans a taste of the dubstep/crossover sound they’ve become synonymous with. Titled Gimme The Mic, the track is an adrenaline rush of whiplash lyrics and barraging beats that will find a welcome home amongst Virus decsiples across the globe. Another notable aspect of this single, and the album as a whole, is that this is the first production from Virus Syndicate produced completely and solely by the band- a true testament to band’s growth as artists.


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