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Brought to you by Modern Agenda, a Canadian underground electronic music label, Intercontinental Vol. 1 includes tracks from around the globe with some familiar and trusted names in the progressive house and techno realm. Edgy but melodic, each track has come to fruition in Greece, Serbia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, France, then mastered in Germany.

From around the globe, artists have crossed paths in the most mysterious of ways, creating brilliant masterpieces along their journey. Each artist on this album was met through a twist of fate, a bump in a road, a vacation, an adventure and ultimately because of their passion and love of music.

Meet The Artists behind the Album:

Ian Dillon is a UK based Dj, Producer and Remixer who’s approach to Djing has often been described among his peers as unique. A style forged by the influential global underground series and in particular Sasha and John Digweed. Ian’s style fuses both of these influences combining dark driving basslines with the ethereal melodies, soundscapes and atmospheric ambience.


“The process of two artists working together on a project in this era is something I’d have never thought possible some 10-12 years ago”, says Dillon. “Especially when working with someone from another country often hundred if not thousands of miles away.I’ve been very fortunate to be asked to collaborate with a number of people from as far afield as Argentina, North America, Canada and here in the UK.”

At only 25 years old, the French DJ / Producer Swann Decamme is a Stakhanovist of electronic music. He has already signed on prestigious labels such as Monique Musique, Sounds Of Earth, Sensum Digital and Black Swan Recordings.

By matching groovy rhythms with synthetic melodies, Swann Decamme creates crisp and structured tracks which penetrate directly into the brain like powerful psychotropic drugs for music addicts.

Yvonne Jarsch is an accomplished Canadian composer, producer, vocalist and pianist. Classically-trained, she creates rich sonic tapestries, layers upon layers of haunting vocals and harmonies, with echoes of rock, jazz, classical and electronic elements. She is currently working on her next album, due for release later in 2016.


“I love collaborating with other artists! We all see, hear, feel the world through individual lenses, yet there’s something universal and fundamental that we can tap into, that transcends all our differences. It’s incredible how musicians from around the world can create amazing music together, and so completely understand each other, even when we can’t understand a single word that we say to each other – because art transcends the walls between us. We can learn so much from each other, and grow as artists, and work with others from around the globe to create new and unique sounds. I love it!

This album features some incredible artists, and I feel so blessed to be part of it.”

As every artist learns more about who they are and what they want, his case is no exception to where evolution has taken hold. By tapping into his roots as a classical composer,natural-born performer, Robert Mason brings an introspective new taste to the deeper side of electronic music.

Robert produces a round, driving sound by including real instrumentation coupled with synthetic textures – paying homage to his background in traditional composition, matching it with modern day technology. The final result is a finely tuned sound, noticeable attention to detail and the melting and melding of melodies into music to fit all dance floors.

It is said that hard times can forge a hard work ethic. For Marijan Raskovic, aka Jelly For The Babies, this is certainly the case. For Marijan, music is life. His first synthesiser was a Casio SA-20, and the 100 sound banks that it came with were enough to capture his heart. Coming from the time of a severe economic crash in Pancevo, Serbia, Marijan struggled for a better life, while learning the ins and outs of music production on his home computer. Over the years, he has refined his approach, and his “Jelly For The Babies” moniker pioneers what he calls the “candy flavoured sound.”

Many of his tracks were supported and played all around the globe. List of supporter increases in addition to names such as Mark Knight, Mendo, Hernan Cattaneo, Darin Epsilon, Matan Caspi, Groove Armada, Roger Sanchez, Derek Howell, Aki Bergen, Noir, Stefano Noferini, Evren Ulusoy, Eelke Kleijn, Way Out West, Cid Inc., Alexander Kowalski, etc.

What really stands out from Steve Sai’s sets are the smooth and hypnotizing sequencing, as well as his stellar track selection reflecting the more than 19 years of experience in the industry. Steve entered the underground music scene on its rise in the mid 90’s and since his first appearance in 1996, he played in almost every acclaimed dance floor in Greece. His latest personal sound signature can be described as a kind of deep tech with dirty basslines and fat synths as main components.


“I am so happy that be a part of this v_a and i am so grateful how music can connect people from different countries and cultures!”

GabiM (Gabor Magyar) is a Hungarian born DJ/Producer who has always been fascinated and strongly connected to electronic music. His main sound is emotional, deep, progressive house and techno with occasional break elements, which can be just as uplifting as dark.

“Having traveled, lived and partied in many different countries, I can honestly say, it doesn’t matter where you from when you go to a quality underground music event you’ll always find relaxed, open minded and fun loving people and they only there for one thing and one thing only which glues us together and it’s the music.”

Born and raised in an neighbourhood filled with sounds and music, DRKSLSH recognizes that collaboration is a crucial part of music production, and artist evolution.


“You feel inspired from the people you meet. Being part of this VA, Intercontinental Vol.1, made me think a bit different about things and gave me some strength to keep moving and keep pushing myself even more. I know that I got some very good friends in the music industry and that keeps me going because they are not just “musical partners” they are good friends that helped me a lot till now. So being part of this team was something that feels right, it feels like home!”

Kirill Andreev & Eugene Maltsev – The two Producers from Russia which make up the qoob duo – have very diverse musical interests and it certainly shows in the variety of music which comes out of their studio. Tech-inspired framework to progressive rhythms and subtle melodic themes – there is a lot to like here. The trippy nature of their sound is perfect for today’s contemporary progressive house scene. Their crossover sound is always a welcome addition to any project. Their gorgeous tracks makes them one of the best production duos in the underground.

“There is no other power that can bring too much awesome people together but the music. This power lives forever and there is no border for this power. This power brings only positive waves instead of other powers in the world. We are happy to be the part of this power!”

Jonny Burg hails from the Midlands in the UK, at the age of 27 he’s been developing his sound over the course of the last 5 years he felt ready to unleash it on to the world. As a dj he’s warmed up for the likes of John Digweed, Guy J and Nick Warren, to name a few.

“As a producer i think international collaborations are fantastic as the language barrier can be broken down and the music does the talking. An old quote that i will always remember is “When words fail, Music speaks” It’s a way of uniting all people through non verbal communication regardless of race, colour or nationality. It is universal.”

Alejandro Manso was inspired by Pink Flloyd, Depeche Mode and so many more amazing artists to make music. He got his chance spinning at underground night clubs in his home town of Mexico City. His hard work finally paid off in 2014, when his dreams finally came true with his first release. Alejandro continues to refine his technique.

“I wanted to be a part of this project because I had the pleasure of meeting Amber Long and Robert Mason, in Argentina. We had an amazing time! Amber heard a promo of my latest release and asked me to collab on this track for Modern Agenda.”

Pierre Bonaventura, mastering engineer also known as the artist Oovation, from Germany, worked his magic when mastering this whole album together.


“For me as a mastering engineer, i had been delighted having had the chance, to work on material coming straight acroos the globe, it is fascinating to see and hear all those different vibrations and emotions packed in every single track. It shall come as no surprise, the people and culture surrounding each producer is having a massive inpact on how the music sounds and develops his own spirit, glowing them all together to get a uniform but still unique sound without losing the initial feeling has been a big challenge and a great pleasure.”

Intercontinental Vol. 1 includes tracks from around the globe with some familiar and trusted names in the progressive house and techno realms. Edgy but melodic, each track has come to fruition in Greece, Serbia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, France, then mastered in Germany.

Passion,commitment, collaboration and the music surpass county, country and continent, reaching listeners around the globe. If you would like to experience music from around the globe, be sure to check out Intercontinental Vol. 1 today! Available on iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource.

Intercontinental. That’s what the underground is all about.



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