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With an unmatched caliber, style, and ability to construct mesmeric DJ sets, John Digweed has more than rightfully solidified his name into underground music’s illustrious hall of fame. Digweed’s “Live In” compilations have reaffirmed and set the bench mark as to how a set should be performed, and now he proudly announces his latest release in this remarkable series recorded live from the iconic Stereo club in Montreal.

“I have had the pleasure of playing at Stereo for many years, throughout of all its DJ booth changes and refurbishments but the one thing that has always been a constant is the quality of the sound system and also the fact that they allow DJ’s to play marathon sets on a perfect set up” – John Digweed

Intricately captured over six CD’s, “Live In Montreal” showcases Digweed’s un-paralleled repertoire of dance music’s most thrilling releases fusing together elements of all subgenres from techno to deep house, a theme that runs so elegantly through his own Bedrock Records releases. It is without question that there is a fine art form to performing a marathon DJ set, a trait that few artists posses however John Digweed has truly perfected this ability. Head of programming at Stereo and established DJ himself Nadir Agha, better known as Ostrich perfectly describes this unforgettable performance in Montreal:

“Masterful, meticulous and flawless are words to accurately describe John Digweed as a DJ. Much like a hypnotist uses his voice and a puppeteer manipulates his marionettes, Digweed had the room under a spell and dancing up a storm till the end” – Ostrich

Featuring a host of underground music’s most sought after names such as Pan-Pot, Damian Lazarus, and Guy J, “Live In Montreal” drives forward and builds upon the success of the previous release which was recorded at live at South Beach. Each compilation is a magnificent demonstration of how music lovers should embrace and experience a marathon DJ set. Drawing similarities with how a narrator delicately sets the tone for a novel whilst starting to pick up the pace as the story progresses, Digweed opens his set with an ambient collection of melodic cuts and transitions with the likes of Esteban Adame‘s Rise and Shine and Tame from Recondite.

“The vibe from the first few feet on the dance floor was electric so I knew this was going to be a very special night/morning. Starting off with beatless and ambient tracks I really wanted to set the mood for an extended set and as there was no rush and no cut off point, it created the perfect environment to build a musical curve and coax the crowd onto the dance floor” – John Digweed

As the recording from this outstanding eleven-hour performance proceeds, Digweed carries the listeners out of the realms of ambience into a heavier and more driving techno arrangement highlighted by Tigerskin’s Hippies and Drumcode boss Adam Beyer’s What You Need. Perfectly weaving together track after track throughout each of the CD’s, “Live In Montreal” marks and captures yet another momentous showcase of one of John Digweed’s finest performances to date.

“I hope you enjoy this CD which I think really captures a proper extended set from myself. I would like to thank all the staff at Stereo for their passion and vision for putting on the best quality nights but most of all to the crowd who really inspired me to play for so long on that great system” – John Digweed

CD 1:
1. Induction – Epitrachelion
2. Mohlao – Neurowaves
3. Esteban Adame – Rise & Shine
4. C-Jay – BackSlider Part 3
5. Recondite – Tame
6. Christerk – Snowhaze
7. Jemil Deep – About Drugs – Dejvid Remix
8. Recondite – Baro
9. Alek S – It’s All Good
10. The Unhottest – For Sale
11. Mr. Dello – All That Matters
12. Viers – Hiroshi Kano
13. Patrick Chardronnet – Slowmo

CD 2:
1. Wayne Duggan – Experiment 1 – Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix
2. Recondite – Undulate – Lawrence Dub Version
3. Sei A – You Can Bring
4. Simoncino – Dub Theory 1
5. Ed Ed – Monti
6. The Unhottest – Job Lose
7. Dovim – Ectoderm
8. Smash TV – Cascadia
9. Ashworth – Braun
10. Smash TV – God Key
11. Tigerskin – This Place is Empty Without You
12. Dovim – The WOW Signal
13. Ulf Bonde – Blossom For Me
14. Whitesquare – Daylight

CD 3:
1. Of Norway – Love Is Over – Terje Saether Remix
2. Moonwalk – Breath
3. H2 – What Is – AFFKT Remix
4. Def Mike – Come Right Here
5. Toni Varga & De la swing – Black Train – Darlyn Vlys & Hearthug Remix
6. Martin Eyerer – The Rolls – Funk D’Void Remix
7. Nuiton – Way Out
8. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Temporary Sanity – Cornucopia Remix
9. Raw District – Within Our Gates
10. Simon Garcia – A Hot Drink In The Desert
11. Nick Curly – Reverie
12. Leonardo Gonnelli – Tonada – No Asking Dub
13. Scan Mode – Panama Jaxx 1.1 (Darkroom Dubs)

CD 4:
1. Nuiton – Flashback Feat. Diel
2. Martin Landsky – I’m A Bitch – Basement Dub
3. Timid Boy – Shout Him – Stacey Pullen Remix
4. Clarian – Fear and Self Loathing – Hunter / Game Remix
5. Hunzed & Harvey – Cala Salada – David Mayer Remix
6. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – We Will Return – Joeski Dub
7. Bedrock – Santiago – Joeski Remix
8. Guy J – Rhythmatica
9. Andre Lodemann – Leaving The Comfort Zone
10. Mita Mita – Wishing To Survive
11. Guy J – Octavia
12. Eagles & Butterflies – Fireworks
13. Blond:ish – Inner Jungle
14. HVOB – Tender Skin – DJ Tennis Remix

CD 5:
1. H.O.S.H. – Cilantro
2. Guy J – Release Me
3. Clarian – Absence
4. Joop Junior – Sofie_Lucie
5. Lee Van Dowski – Quasar 27.3
6. Remcord – Saed – Ramon Tapia Deep Space Remix
7. Eagles & Butterflies – Moonlight
8. Tigerskin – Hippies
9. Marc Romboy – Counting Comets – Ruede Hagelstein Remix
10. Lee Van Dowski – If Only Jack Was Here
11. Simon Garcia – Ataraxia
12. Noir – Lumière Sombre

CD 6:
1. Clarian – Fear and Self Loathing – Christian Burkhardt ‘Vegas’ Remix
2. Popof – Serenity – Noob Remix
3. Joseph Capriati – Fratello – Dubfire Remix
4. Bedrock – Emerald – BOg Remix
5. DJ Dozia – Pop Culture – Joris Voorn Remix
6. Dave Angel – Scorpion
7. Mike Griego feat. Amber Long – Sofia – Guy Mantzur Secret Mix
8. Frankey & Sandrino – Acamar
9. Eric Volta & Gaika – Until I Dissolve – Deetron Remix
10. Agoria – Independence – Stephan Barnem Remix
11. KinK – Cloud Generator
12. Pan-Pot, Martin Eyerer & Abby – Muddy Walls
13. Eagles & Butterflies – Murder Was The Bass
14. 3 Channels – Alphabetti Spaghetti
15. Adam Beyer – What You Need

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