ALBUMS: Tyler Rouse Releases “Phantom” EP on refused.


refused. enthusiastically welcomes L.A. based DJ/Producer Tyler Rouse to the family with his upcoming EP “Phantoms” out now. The EP features three original tracks that all encompass a deep minimal groove.

First up, the title track Phantoms dives right into a deeply penetrating stripped down groove, fueled by a punching bassline and trickling synth chords. Night Chills plays with a percussive theme, leading in with a jingling top-line and beaming high-pitched synths. Delayed effects, syncopated claps, and a rumbling bass push this track from beginning to end. Lastly, Icebound starts in with pronounced highs and a bassline so deep that you feel it before you even notice it’s there while sharp, driving percussion sounds take over the track to deliver a very strong warehouse techno vibe.

“This EP really helped me continue to find my sound. With technology constantly advancing, there is an infinite amount of new things to learn with audio production. While pursuing my usual darker techno sound, I discovered a lot of new techniques that helped keep things more driving and atmospheric. It’s important to always be learning new techniques, and pushing your own boundaries to create something that better represents the idea that’s in your head. – Tyler Rouse

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