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So, in case you’ve been living under a rock, the True North Music Festival is just a few scant weeks away. With all the festivals popping up, and lineups being announced, you might be a little overwhelmed with choices, but there are a few reasons why True North might be the ideal pick for you.

If you’re new to Toronto or its festival scene, you might be unaware that we haven’t always had the best of luck with weather for outdoor festivals. Since True North is an indoor event, the likelihood of the festival being canceled due to a freak hailstorm is nearly nonexistent. I’m looking at you DD 2015!

Sure, there are a lot of big name talents gracing the stages of established festivals like Veld, Digital Dreams and Ever After, but some of us have a more nuanced taste when it comes to dance music. I, for one, am excited to see some Hardstyle making it’s way onto a Toronto festival lineup. There’s also a good mix of Trance, big room, and mainstream headlining artists if that is your thing.

There has been a lot of stir online about the location for this festival due to it being out in Mississauga. So it takes a bit to get out to the International Centre, big deal! There’s plenty of parking (which is free by the way), it’s accessible by both TTC and Go transit, and if you happen to be flying in from out of town, it’s right by the airport. Electric Escape and Solid Events seem to have thought it through enough.


As with any music festival there are a number of things you’ll want to remember. Here are some essentials that those attending True North Music Festival should consider bringing along.

  1. Comfortable gear. Sure, you might love how you look in skinny jeans, and high heels have been a fashion statement for decades, but trust me, come midnight you’ll wish you’ll wish your pants weren’t cutting off circulation, and your shoes offered even the slightest comfort/support.
  2. Ear Plugs. Personally I recommend you purchase Ear Peace, but if you find that they’re too expensive you can always get a box of construction earplugs from Home Depot for dirt cheap. You don’t want to get caught next to a massive speaker stack in the front row without protection. That’s a recipe for perforated eardrums.
  3. Empty Water bottle. Music festivals are notorious for gouging on water prices. $6 for a bottle of water? No thanks, I’ll fill up at the fountain or sink.
  4. A jacket/hoodie. I know it’s nearly June, but this is Canada folks, the weather is mercurial at best and temperatures tend to plummet in the evenings. Remember to bring an extra layer since the event ends at 2 and it’s likely to be a long trek home. Coat check is terrible, no question about it, but hypothermia is worse.
  5. A portable charger/Backup battery. This is a true lifesaver if you take lots of photos or videos. You don’t want to get stuck standing in the cold trying to figure out how you’re going to call an Uber when your phone died hours ago. It’s good to have some kind of contingency plan.
  6. Cash. I’m not sure what the ATM situation is out at the International Centre, but my guess is that the convenience fee is beyond unreasonable. Best to be prepared and bring cash to buy your drinks or food.
  7. ID. You’ll need this to get served at the event, but we also suggest you bring your Health Card along – in case of an emergency.
  8. Baby Wipes. These come in handy for washroom breaks, or general clean up during the festival experience.
  9. Deodorant. You’ll make even the most random strangers happy for smelling fresh.
  10. Positive Attitude. Nobody wants to party with a grump. Put on your biggest, brightest smile before joining us at True North.

While this is not a fully comprehensive list, it should give you a good start to being prepared at True North Music Festival, or at the very least, not have a bad time. After all, if you just bring yourself, your friends, and some good vibes – I’m sure True North Music Festival will be an event you’ll talk about for years to come.

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International Centre
Arrow Hall
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON


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