EVENT REVIEW: Ōlim Productions presents Ace Ventura @ Nest 05-05-17


What better way to celebrate 5 years of EDM TOR than attending the inceptive event of a new, up-and-coming face in the Toronto EDM industry? In full rave spirit, the EDM TOR team turned out on Friday, May 5th for Ōlim Productions‘ premier event, hosted by Nest. Bursting onto the Trance scene with a first-time international headliner leading the event lineup, this new company displayed their talent for playing with shades of psy, tech, and hard trance. Redefining their corner of the trance scene, Olim is a bold new face uniting the city of Toronto with quality music!

IMG_0317 Brian Longmire opened the evening, and his almost forest-flavoured tech trance started the night off light and bouncy. Well-known tracks like Liquid Soul‘s Sweet Things and Disconnected by Manu Riga & Mandy Jones spun by alongside lesser known ones, such as Amnesty, by Toronto producer Onez!e. The laser setup was immediately impressive; between sheets of twisting and dancing colour, it was even broadcasting the currently-performing DJ’s name in lights through a sheer transparent sheet over his head. As the venue continued to fill, Brian truly lit the spark on the fuse of an explosive night.

IMG_0338DeeCee began his set around 11PM and introduced some beautiful epic trance. Dropping gems like Voodoo People by The Prodigy, and building up momentum through the entire hour, DeeCee travelled through rising melodic sequences that were almost anthem-like, and then delved into hard trance here and there to increase the intensity. DeeCee showcased his versatility and kicked the bpm up a notch, justifying his reputation within the trance scene and warming up the dance floor for the headliner.

It was refreshing to see many of the Toronto trance promotion teams represented at the event as the night progressed. Promoters came out to support this debut event from Trance Sessions, Electric Star Productions, Toronto TranceFamily/TranceFamily TO, and more. DJs Baranov, M45, Audi Étoffe, Animalium, DJ Shok, and others were spotted on the dance floor grooving the night away. This is what the TranceFamily is supposed to be!

Nest was completely packed when the lasers over the DJ booth finally changed to spell out Ace Ventura – the long-awaited headliner. Amidst cheers and whistles, he took control of the decks and dove straight into intense and driving full on Psytrance. At this point, it was very clear that Nest’s open concept dance floor was a perfect choice for this event. The sofa seating, which had been creating a bit of a mix and mingle labyrinth during the first two sets, quickly migrated to the walls, leaving a huge clear space to dance. The lighting and effects were absolutely on point, highlighting and intensifying the atmosphere and the Dynacord sound system got a real workout! Playing tracks both familiar – like Stomping Ground and Sonic Masala Zentura (his project in collaboration with Zen Mechanics), and newer, such as Avalon & AstrixMoonshine and Vegas Answer From the Stars (Bizzare Contact & Sesto Sento Remix), Ace Ventura made a spectacular Toronto debut!


Opening with Mindwave Singularity, Sara Dopstar smoothly transitioned onto the decks around 2AM, and into some excellent full-on morning, keeping the vibe strong. Although the bulk of the crowd cleared out following Ace Ventura’s set – and, coincidently, last call at the bar – those who stayed were treated to her amazing full on beats for the next hour. Including tracks like E-Clip vs Mickey Noise The One, and Dual Resonance We are the Universe, Sara’s set ramped up the tempo to about 145 bpm. Pure energy was translated directly to the dance floor, and kept everyone moving! The buzz about Sara Dopstar’s set is real, and the set was recorded so keep an eye on her social media for it!

IMG_0562Gattai – the new duo project of DJ Davide Ferrara and DJ Fraktal – closed out the night. Spinning a perfect mix of hard trance and psytrance, Gattai personally manifested their vision for Olim Productions through their b2b as they skillfully brought the best of both subgenres to the decks. United on the dance floor, two often-very-separate trance scenes paid homage to tracks like Darren PorterDeep Blue, Tribute to Kadafi Future Prophesy, and Purity (Sneijder remix) by Orkidea (which sampled the Ghôst in the Shell theme song) far into the night.

Leaving a bit early in order to better coordinate transportation, I headed down the stairs to the exit, with Gattai’s rhythms following me all the way to the Uber. Paying attention to the important things – great sound, excellent talent, and an uncomplicated venue – created a uniquely vibrant and memorable experience for Olim Production’s maiden voyage. Toronto’s nascent Psy and Trance scenes ecstatically welcomed the international idol in Ace Ventura, and we at EDM TOR look forward to a bright future – which will hopefully include more events from Olim Productions! Happy 5th Anniversary EDM TOR and Congratulations Olim on your successful first party.

Look at all of our photos from the event taken by our Manager, Adele, then watch Tim’s personal recap video for the event!

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