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Trance Unity has been one of my favourite events of the past couple of years. Monkey BuzinezZ always delivers a wicked lineup, the event goes all-night, and people from all over the region and parts of America come to check it out. That being said, the prospect of a 12- to 15- hour non-stop dance party isn’t without its share of logistical pitfalls. I’m going to lay down some of the tricks I’ve learned over the past two years to keep you from tapping out early!

1. Get some rest
This show starts around 10pm and goes until noon the next day. A lot of you are going to be travelling for 6+ hours if you’re driving from Toronto. Leave early, get to your lodging, and take a solid nap.

2. Eat something
I’m not talking about a small snack or a quick trip to McDonald’s. I’m saying go out, or make it a solid meal. They do sell fruit and veggie boxes at the event for $5 but those run out quickly. In previous years, they’ve allowed in/outs after 8am. If they choose to do that this year, I’d recommend popping out for breakfast at Cora’s right next door, then coming back to finish the event.

3. Pace yourself
It’s going to be a long night and there is no alcohol being served. If you plan on pre-gaming, then bear in mind that at some point you will sober up. Being hungover in the club is the worst.

4. Protect your hearing
The sound system in Circus is incredible. There’s no better way to say it, but it gets loud and if you’re anything like me, you plan to keep enjoying live trance music for years to come. So, to that end, I recommend you pick up some high-quality earplugs. Earpeace or Downbeats both work really well. If you’re short on cash or forgot to order in time, you can get construction earplugs from any hardware store for about one dollar. They don’t work as well but should prevent you from going deaf. Monkey BuzinezZ also have earplugs on a keychain with their logo available at times, so hit them up for info and secure a set for when you get to TU.

5. Dress appropriately
There isn’t much in the way of dress code, but they don’t allow hoodies or backpacks, so be prepared to check all that stuff. Being the end of February, it’ll likely be cold out too, so be sure to wear a jacket and bring change for the coat check.

6. Bring sunglasses
Not for the club; it’s dark in there and you wont need them. I’m talking about after the show, when you step out in the harsh uncaring light of day. You’ll be squinting and trying to make your way home. I made the mistake of forgetting mine last year and I hated every second of the trek back to the AirBNB. Imagine anyone driving a good distance right after the event with no shades. Brutal.

7. Bring cash
Nobody wants to pay ATM fees at the club and you’ll probably want a water or Red Bull at some point during the night. Also, just a heads up, most of the servers will not only expect it, but may insist that you tip them at least a Twonie every time you go up. So much so that they actually will not serve you until you do. Yeah, it’s kinda rough, but they need to make a living too.

8. Ignore the FOMO
Seriously, with a stacked lineup like this series has, it’s a good bet that there’s going to be a bit of overlap with the artists you want to see. The good news is that unlike a festival you can easily transition between stages in about 30 seconds, instead of wandering a kilometer across a repurposed parking lot.

9. Make a list
There’s nothing worse than making it all the way to an event only to find out you’ve forgotten some crucial or even convenient item back at home. So I recommend that while you’re reasonably sober to make a list of all the stuff that you plan on bringing with you and make sure you’ve got it all before you step out the door.

I know a lot of these seem like no-brainers, but simple things are often the easily overlooked. So, make sure you’ve got everything you need, then make sure that your friends do the same. Most importantly, have a good time. I know I will.

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