EVENT PREVIEW: Andrew Bayer @ CODA 19-10-18


One of the major Anjunabeats players has emerged from the shadows and is taking his turn in the spotlight. Andrew Bayer has had a quiet year since the release of his last single back in September 2017. That all changed when Bayer announced his brand new third studio album titled “In My Last Life”, which was recently released for purchase on August 24th. Three tracks from the album were featured throughout the summer: Immortal Lover, Your Eyes, and End Of All Things.

Andrew Bayer regarding “In My Last Life”:

“All the songs on the album are love songs, born out of life and death. There’s a storyline arc to the whole album which shows love at different times in your life. The opening track ‘Tidal Wave’ is Ali reminiscing about the relationship with her parents, ‘I really should have trusted my father when I was young because he never taught me how to swim’ and she says, ’But despite that, I will still swim for this tidal wave to get to you.” ‘Hold On To You’ is about holding on to someone you love who is passing away, then ‘In My Last Life’, the midpoint in the album, that love is reincarnated with the understanding that this might not be the end. The climax is ‘End Of All Things’, when your partner has passed on and you feel pride in the life and love you’ve shared together. There’s an understanding that that love will never die and you can go back and relive it in your last life; the whole album is an exploration of the idea that love is infinite throughout our timeline on this earth – and maybe even beyond it.”

In addition to his new album, which can be purchased/streamed through the link, Bayer also announced an accompanying In My Last Life North American Tour! The tour kicks off this fall in early October and runs until mid-December with stops in seventeen major cities. Initially Toronto wasn’t a part of the original schedule, but thankfully CODA and Embrace scooped up the progressive trance artist and will open its doors to the Anjunafamily on Friday, October 19th, 2018.

This 19+ event is set to run all night, starting at 10pm and ending at 5am, with the kitchen staying open late to accommodate. Get your tickets immediately as they are currently in their final pricing tier of $35 and you’ll be kicking yourself once it sells out. You can purchase your tickets here. Feel free to join the official Facebook Event page to connect with all the Toronto Anjuna fans!

Andrew Bayer


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