TRACKS: Ferry Corsten & Saad Ayub to Release “Synchronicity” on Flashover Recordings


As summer winds down, things are just beginning to heat up for Toronto’s Saad Ayub. On September 7, 2018, Saad partnered up with Trance legend Ferry Corsten to deliver Synchronicity, a quick-paced, high-energy blazer! Just as the song’s title conveys, never have the stars been more aligned for Saad Ayub. After releasing under Ferry’s label for the past year, it is truly fulfilling to join up with Corsten in the studio for this special collaboration.

Synchronicity is part of a much larger effort, lead by Ferry Corsten. It marks another chapter in Ferry’s UNITY project — a series of collaborations between Corsten and the Trance community. As his focus of 2018, UNITY has seen Corsten partnering up with artists at various points in their career. The release of Synchronicity is a testament to Saad Ayub’s burgeoning talent and rooted place within the trance arena.

Synchronicity — a quick, rolling percussion pattern and searing synths set the tone for this upbeat record. It promptly opens up to swelling chords, and undulating pads, suspending the listener high-above. As we float atop the clouds, various effects are laid over the melody line, which makes its way to the forefront and draws us back into the depths of “Synchronicity.” There is a build of booming percussion, burning synths, and a brief melodic phrase that repeats itself before everything erupts into a final euphoric frenzy. “Synchronicity” is a true dance floor anthem.

Saad Ayub

Ferry Corsten


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