INTERVIEW: A Team EDMTOR Interview with Tempo Giusto, February 2019


Maverick Producer Tuomas Lähteenoja, better known as Tempo Giusto has been making waves in the trance scene with killer releases on top labels like Armada, Black Hole, Outburst, and Kearnage. Hailing from Finland, his first major release was “Agent Orange” back in 2008. Since then, Tuomas has been a mainstay in the trance scene, bringing his characteristic sound to countless venues around the world.  In preparation for his second Trance Unity appearance, we were able to get an interview with the rising star.

Luc: I’m excited to get to interview you. You’re one hell of a producer! To start out I thought we could play a game. Are you interested?

Tempo Giusto: Yes, sure!

This or That! Pepsi or Coke?

Coke because I prefer the Coke Zero taste over Pepsi Max.

Comedy or Horror?

Comedy. I get enough of horror when reading the news!

I feel the same way! Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, just more my thing.

Uplifting or Psy?

Super tough one… Uplifting. Although many tracks can sound quite generic, some uplifting works can have really great themes. I do love the bass and drums in psy though. This was difficult.

Spring or Fall?

Spring. You get more light, it gets warmer and everything and everyone somehow becomes more positive.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers-briefs combo, haha!

Morning/Day or Evening/Night?


Salty or Sweet?

Salty, but I’m kind of 50-50.

Love or Money?


Last one! DJ or Produce?

Haha! Another tough one!

That’s why I saved it for last!

Produce. It makes DJing so much better.

Great! Now that I have you warmed up, we can get into the harder questions. I remember you playing a thrilling set two years ago at Trance Unity in the Hell Room. What can we expect from you at this year’s edition of TU?

Yes, that was my debut in Montreal and I am really looking forward to be back. You can expect a mixture of energetic and driving tech, uplifting and psy trance, and I will also play some exclusive works that have not been played anywhere else yet.

I can’t wait to hear the exclusive material! I feel that Trance Unity is a great event to debut new tunes because you don’t have to worry about someone randomly recording them. What are some of the biggest challenges you face when touring internationally?

That’s a tough question but probably finding the time to do everything properly and to travel around the world for live shows. Although I work full time with music, I also study dentistry in medical school so I have quite a hectic schedule at times. Therefore, I need to be quite organized to get everything done, to stay connected with the fans all around the world and so on.

What inspired you to study dentistry?

It is a long story but after graduating from high school, I was interested in two things – making music and medicine. My family recommended me to try music first, so I studied it in London. After graduating and working for a few years, I had enough free time to try medicine so I chose dentistry because it is slightly less theoretical but you still get to help people. Working with music can be quite irregular and demanding in many ways so I also wanted something that balances my life. I suppose having a second profession also takes off some pressure of the feeling that you NEED to make a big hit. Now when I release a track, I am super happy if it turns out a big success and if not, at least I made a track that I really liked.

Are there any events/venues that you really want to play at that you haven’t yet?

I have always wanted to play at Ministry of Sound in London and at one of the ASOT events. I have also heard that my sets would work great in Argentina so definitely want to get there one day.

I hear good things about Argentina. Hopefully you can make it there soon! ASOT Argentina (if that ever happens)?! What/who has influenced your sound over the years?

Thank you, I will try my best. Playing at ASOT in Argentina would be pretty crazy, no doubt. I have also heard great things about Dreamstate in the US.

I have always thought that electronic dance music is on the front line of discovering new things and therefore I also appreciate artists who try to create something different. So I would say Simon Patterson, Mark Sherry, Ben Gold and older works by Ferry Corsten and Sander van Doorn have had the biggest impact on me. All of these guys have created something fresh in trance, and have a distinctive sound. Outside dance music, I would say Enigma and George Michael.

Just have to say YES! to George Michael. What a loss that was for music.

TG: Yeah, he was very talented indeed.

Speaking of creating something different, if you could name one track you’ve made that best defines you, which would it be?

TG: Damn, that’s a very difficult question. I’ve made so many different kinds that picking just one is nearly impossible. Will have to think about this…

I found it simply too hard to choose one track so I picked three: Burn, Solace In Your Eyes and Raindance. Burn is good mixture of what defines my sound – it is relentless in power and energy which is something I love about trance, yet the breakdown is quite beautiful with its increasing melodic progression. Solace In Your Eyes on the other hand, shows my more melodious side and what I also love about trance, being able to combine complex melodic themes with driving drums and bass line. Raindance differs from these two in the sense that it is more minimalistic and meant to be fun and quirky.


Raindance is one of my favorites from you. Such a good track! Do you have anything you’d like to say to your Toronto fans?

I had a great night the last time I was in Toronto so hope to see you guys soon again and thanks for all the support. I have gotten valuable feedback from some of you on my productions.

We would love to see you soon as well! Will you be at Trance Unity long enough to enjoy any of the sets? If so, which DJs are you excited for at TU?

Unfortunately staying in Montreal only for one night this time but will be at the venue to check out some of the other DJs. There are many solid acts on the lineup but my picks would be Mark Sherry, Monoverse, Bryan Kearney and JOC.

I’m super excited for those sets too. I plan to spend a lot of my night in the Hell room where you’re playing. My final question for you is – Do you have anything else coming up that you’d like to tell us about?

I have quite a few releases coming out in the next few months so keep your eyes open for those. Just released new music on Kearnage and Outburst, and I am testing new things this year, so, exciting times ahead!

Nice! Outburst is one of my favorite labels. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. I’ll see you at Trance Unity!

Thank you for the interview.


Be sure to catch Tempo Giusto in the Hell Room at Trance Unity this weekend if you are in the Montreal area! Team EDM TOR will be there to cover the entire event and provide a full review afterwards. Be sure to check out Tempo Giusto’s links below and follow EDM TOR for future interviews.




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