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When I heard Mark Sherry would be playing a 10 hour extended set in Montreal earlier this month I was pretty disappointed that a) I couldn’t make the trek to Montreal and b) I didn’t see a Toronto date on his tour schedule. The set was then released on SoundCloud and the deep-set sense of regret became all too real. I knew, though, deep in my heart that my city would not let me down. Once again, Electric Escape delivers! On Friday, October 4th, 2019, Mark Sherry will be taking over NEST from open-to-close in celebration of the release of his artist album Confirm Humanity”. Doors open at 10PM and the beats will be pumping well into the night with Mr. Sherry behind the decks until 5AM. It’s going to be a night of hard-hitting trance with soaring melodies and of course, Mark Sherry’s incredibly contagious energy. This man knows how to pump up the crowd like no other. 

Mark Sherry live @ Sound Academy – August 20 2016

Veteran Scottish DJ/Producer/Tech-Trance Master has been a driving force in the trance scene for over 20 years. He is one of the pioneers of the tech-trance movement and mastermind behind Outburst Records, pushing the boundaries of trance and tech-trance. After countless releases on the world’s most renowned trance labels, Sherry went into the studio and after 25 years, emerged with his first full-length artist album “Confirm Humanity”. Featuring 18 tracks, including collaborations with Mallorca Lee, Richard Durand, and Tempo Giusto as well as plenty of solo tracks and a Gentech track, “Confirm Humanity” crosses the boundaries between progressive, trance, and tech. The album plays with the idea of the philosophy of humanity in the age of technology and draws inspiration from sci-fi films like Interstellar, Sunshine, Prometheus, and Bladerunner. In an interview with
TrancePodium from this past June, Sherry gave some insight into the writing process and the small moment that sparked the whole concept of the record.

The “Confirm Humanity” concept magically happened halfway through 2017 when I first experienced that ‘captcha’ page as I was trying to log into a website. It hit me like a brick in the face, the scary realization that technology has become so advanced and intelligent that its effects were starting to creep into our everyday lives – having to prove/confirm to a bot that I was human before I could proceed. It was a total ‘Bladerunner’ moment, human vs. A.I. – and the main catalyst that got me starting to think about the whole concept of the album, a massive light bulb flicked on in my brain. It was just meant to be!

2019 has seen some incredible record releases so far and “Confirm Humanity” is no exception. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this album yet, I suggest you grab your headphones and turn this stunner up loud. It hits hard! I had the pleasure of seeing Mark Sherry in NYC shortly after the release of this record and I can confidently say that even though I loved the record on its own, it is a whole other beast on the dance floor. While the music speaks for itself, Sherry always has a way with the crowd, knowing exactly how to dial the energy level up just a little further. Mark Sherry will hit the stage at 10PM when the club opens and will be playing until 5:00 am so I hope you are all in for a marathon, as I fully suggest taking this journey from start to finish. Tickets start at $24 and are available here.


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