INTERVIEW: Alessandra Roncone on her Recent Releases and Working Through a Pandemic


Alessandra Roncone is a DJ/Producer from Italy whose musical journey started back in the 90’s. Her music has become a staple across the trance music scene with releases on some of the industry’s biggest labels such as Future Sound Of Egypt and Whos Afraid Of 138!?. Her tracks have been played out by some of the biggest names in trance. Alessandra has toured all over the globe, playing her music on the biggest stages in dance music such as the Transmission Pre-Party, EDC, Dreamstate and Tomorrowland. During these uncertain times in the middle of this global pandemic, she has been turning up her live stream game by streaming live sets as well as studio sessions. Alessandra took some time out from the studio to talk to me and answer some questions for Tranceported.

Books or Magazines?
Back in time it was books, but lately, magazines.

Apple or Windows?
I use Apple because I love Logic but I am a fan of Windows and Android. I find them to allow more free input.

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs, because to me they are angels sent on earth. I love cats a lot as well but dogs are very loyal to us and give unconditional pure love.

Photo from Alessandra’s official Facebook page.

Winter or Summer?
Summer, all my life!!

Does pineapple go on pizza?
I’m Italian.. so NO WAYYYY!! Hahaha.

Iced coffee or Hot coffee?
Espresso Coffee with a lot of cold milk.

Uplifting or Psy?

Festival or Small Club?
For an impact – festival, but for the vibes – small clubs.

With the whole Covid-19 situation, how have you been dealing with the lockdown and what have you been doing to stay busy?

To deal with this lockdown and the cut off of all parties, it has been very hard. Not from Monday to Friday because I always was “locked” at home working on my music, but the travelling, the gigs and seeing friends around the world is what I miss most. I wasn’t prepared for something like this to happen. Thank God for the internet and having my studio inside my home. It has helped a lot!!

What do you miss most right now about live gigs and connecting with your fans in person?

Not able to have the gigs that always make me feel alive, and also not making any money. As I said in the previous answer the thing that I miss most is seeing my friends and fans in person. We are lucky this happened in 2020 when we all have smartphones and computers so we can stay connected anyway. It would have been much worse if we were still in 90’s with flip phones and paying per character by text! Hahaha

Your most recent release, Corpi Celesti is an absolute banger. Can you tell us how that track came about and what it was like working with Rinaly?

Thank you!! We worked a lot on that track, and once it was finished we made many changes again. We are both very happy with the end result. Working with Rinaly was very good because we have similar ideas, also to choose the title has been very very fast. The most difficult part was using different plugins.. but we solved it by bouncing the tracks inside the project and leaving the midi so we could both work on it. After all of this, we have been considering starting a new project together. P.S. That is an exclusive revelation for you and your readers!

You recently did a guest mix for Future Sound of Egypt, and you have a lot of releases with the FSOE label. Can you tell us how you got involved with FSOE and if you have anything planned with them in the future?

I already released 11 tracks on Future Sound of Egypt Recordings! I have been a big fan of Aly & Fila since 2009, and I always found their label releases amazing tracks. What I really appreciate about FSOE is that they are very open and welcome with any kind of music and artist. They don’t give restrictions on how your tracks have to be. They know that the important thing is for the music to be good and that they like it. I think this is a very important thing for an artist to be able to express themselves without rules and restrictions. I will continue to release a lot of my music with FSOE, and if more plans come through them I will be very happy. They have always supported me, and I have many friends at FSOE, so I really feel like it is a family. I feel very grateful and blessed for this.

If you had the chance to do a B2B set with any DJ, living or deceased, who would it be?

There are many legends in trance I would like to play with, but if I have to say only 1 name, considering the friendship connection, the kind of music played and vibes… I would say Aly & Fila. It would be an honour and dream come true for me if it ever happens.

What was your favourite event to date that you have been to, but were not necessarily playing at?

Alessandra signs autographs at FSOE Panama

Well… there are so many!! Every gig that I play is something magical that I keep in my heart. Trance fans are amazing! The biggest vibes I can remember include EDC Mexico, Heracleion, Untold, Tomorrowland, Dreamstate and FSOE Panama (which was my very first big gig). I still get goosebumps when I see videos or think about FSOE Panama.

What musical genres outside of Trance music do you listen to?

I literally listen every kind of music that give me emotions. Lately, I listen to and enjoy a lot of melodic techno which can be very close to the old school Trance that I used to dance to and love during the 90’s. You will never forget your first love, hahaha!

What was the first rave event you ever attended, why did you go, and with whom?

I always went dancing at the Italian clubs in the 90’s, every Saturday. I was waiting for that day all week, studying the flyers to understand where would be the better place to go with my friends. My very first big event was Streetparade in 2003. I went with four friends and I had to sign a paper for my friend because she was only 16, stating that I was taking care of her so we could travel out of the country. It was an unbelievable experience!

How do you prepare for a gig on some of the biggest stages in the world?

I don’t prepare too much. I edit some tracks if I want to play some more, but I usually decide which track I want to start with and then I just follow the flow.

Alessandra at Tomorrowland

Do you have any “pre-gig” rituals?

Not really… my pre-gig ritual is to chill for 10 mins, drinking a little bit of vodka and lemon, so I feel more relaxed and comfortable for the stage. That’s enough for me! 🙂

Finally, do you have a message for all your fans sitting at home in lockdown right now, reading this?
I want to say to everyone that I can’t wait to get out and party again and to meet all of you. So until that moment, stay safe!! I love you all, and hopefully we see eachother soon.

From all of us at Tranceported, I must extend a massive thanks to Alessandra for doing this interview with me. To keep up to date with Alessandra’s live streams, releases, and (fingers crossed) tour dates,  follow her through the links below.

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