EVENT REVIEW: Labour of Love 2012 (Day 2 Main Room Guv) by Tung Bui


It’s that time of the year again, and I’m not talking about going to the dentist. I’m talking about Labour of Love 2012 hosted by The Guvernment! Ok now, this year’s lineup is weak compared to the past years, no doubt about that. I have to say that I was a little disappointed at the lineup, but, let’s focus on the bright side of LoL 2012. It was jam packed this year! It was so tight that I could not move anywhere, and I knew it was going to be a fun time that night because of the high energy that the crowd was bringing.

We start off with our local resident DJ’s Manzone & Strong. They really know how to throw down a warm up set! They were bumping groovy tech house beats throughout the night. It is always nice to hear a switch to the tech-house songs. I’ve been hearing a lot of mainstream lately, so this was quite a welcomed change in sound and atmosphere.

Otto Knows was up next. You guys should watch out for his name. I bet he is going to be a headliner one day! His production gets better and better every time I hear him, and he’s Swedish! What’s up with all these superstar DJs/producers coming from Sweden? It’s ridiculous! He was playing a lot of beats I’ve never heard of, which is always good. Then Million Voices slowly came in. The buildup of that song is crazy! Now I see everybody getting into it. People are waving their arms back and worth and singing along. The beat drops, and the whole place pops off. People are screaming, jumping, melting, and it is an electrifying moment. Otto Knows also played his new remix called “Lies”. I felt very emotional when he played it for the crowd, and it was a sad feeling It’s one of my favourite songs at the moment; I can’t wait to purchase it when it gets released in mid-September. I wish Otto Knows was allotted a longer set time. It was very short.

Tinie Tempah has no place at The Guvernment. When I saw his name on the lineup, my initial reaction was “He’s a DJ?”, but all he did was rap. Honestly, I did not catch his set. I just went outside to the porch for some fresh air, and waited for Dirty South’s start time.

I come back inside to Dirty South dropping I’m Coming Home/Quasar. It’s always good to hear a crowd favourite. That soft vocal build up, with its massive drop, was what I needed. The crowd was electrifying; I was fist pumping and jumping throughout the song. (My arms and legs paid the price the next day). Throughout the night I heard Reload by Tommy Trash and Sebastian Ingrosso. It’s such a powerful song, and the crowd was singing along with it. At that moment, I looked around and saw nothing but smiles, nothing but euphoria, nothing but epic! Glowsticks were waving back and forth in the air, heads were rising, and as soon as the drop came in, everybody was raging! I went crazy for this song. My t-shirt was soaking wet from head to toe. Dirty South also played bangers like City of Dreams, Walking Alone and his new “ID” track. I didn’t stay for Funkagenda’s set, even though I wish I did.

Overall, LOL2012 was great! Otto Knows and Dirty South killed it! I just wish Otto Know was given a later performance time. I can’t wait to see what he does when he gets a headliner set time. I hope everybody had a great long weekend! Good music and good friends equals an epic fun time. Cheers!



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