SINGLE REVIEW: Feed Me & Kill the Noise “Thumbs Up (For Rock n Roll)” by Sean Meiliunas


By: Sean Meiliunas
Kill The Noise and Feed Me. Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. In other words, a match made in heaven. The 2 EDM producers collaborated and released a track entitled Thumbs Up (For Rock n’ Roll) with OWSLA Records.

The track is what to be expected of Feed Me and Kill The Noise. Consisting of dirty basslines, distinct reese bass synths, and ‘whoop’ synth at a bouncy 112 BPM. The track starts with a simple kick/snare beat accompanied by a synth bass, a pluck bass, and driven with a classy chord stab to keep you in the right key. This is convenient for DJ’s due to its ability to mix nicely with other tracks. As the track progresses, we get to hear more elements be added in that assure you this is Feed Me and Kill The Noise. Such a unique sound to enjoy. Shortly after we are given a break in the beat and introduced to a cute little kid telling us that if you just believe in yourself, you will learn how to ride a bike. Sound familiar at all? Kudos if you know what I’m talking about. They used the audio from am internet viral video from back in the day. Check it out here:

With a short motivational speech, the little guy tells us, “Thumbs up everybody! Rock n Roll!” which is the perfect spot for a nasty dubstep drop. With several reese basses, sample goodness, and dutch house whoop synths, this track is surely to leave you either headbangin, or dancing. That’s the beauty. It’s a heavy track, yet its suitable to bounce.

Remember how the Mortal Kombat theme made you feel? This track gives you that same adrenaline rush. It pumps you up and gets you ready for whatever you’re doing. If your getting ready for a night on the town, this track will get you ready. If your working out at the gym, this track will get you pumping. Whatever it may be, this beat will make your blood flow.

Download the song for FREE on the OWSLA Official Soundcloud HERE



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