TRACKS: “Dog Days” – BioBlitZ & WildPuppet by Sean Meiliunas


“Who the heck is BioBlitz?” is what you probably asked yourself when you saw the title to this review. Well let me tell you…

A bad boy drummer of the rock scene inspired by the Daft Punk generation, BioBlitZ first stormed onto the electronic scene behind the decks, before moving up quickly to production. His first techno live acts cultivated a strong fan base for this rising star. BioBlitZ has already attracted attention of the biggest artists on the scene with a powerful electro sound, releasing tracks on cutting edge which are making their way into the top of the most respected charts in France, Europe and all over the world.

He’s quickly becoming one of the rising stars in the electronic scene. His vision is big and he intends to stop at nothing to perform his high octane live show around the globe.

For this Christmas season, BioBlitZ teamed up with WildPuppet and released a nasty electro house track titled, “Dog Days” for FREE! What sweethearts, eh? Let’s get to it shall we?

The track opens up with a great drum loop filled with glitchy goodness and thumping kicks. Shortly after we lift off we are blessed with a pretty melody to get our feet moving. If you listen to some of BioBlitZ’s other tracks, you will recognize some recycled sounds, but to me, I friggin’ love it. We’re soon swooped in with a lovely arpeggiated, quirky synth to really bring us into euphoria. You could imagine what’s next. Yes. The buildup.

The buildup is kept simple with progressive chords and lead synths rising. The closer we get to the drop, the more anxious is makes you feel. In my opinion, not every track needs a 2 minute long Porter Robinson build up. Sometimes getting right into the action is nice. Soon enough, BAM we hit grimy bottom. With gritty basslines being thrown left and right, mid frequency wobbles, and melodic chord stabs to keep the ladies dancing. Most would say this is a complextro track. Either or, it’s a banger.

After a 16 bar electro drop, the song breaks to it’s original peaceful melody. The sounds are much similar to what we heard in the intro, but delivered differently. We’re greeted with more multi saw synth chords during the break then what we are used to. They timed the break perfectly. Just long enough to calm you down a bit and get you excited again for the 2nd drop. From here on out, the track repeats with the same drop that we know and love, and breaks out to the original drum loop for easy mixing into the next track.

If you haven’t listened to BioBlitZ before, I strongly recommend you check out his other work as well. His synths are all original and unique and he really knows how to make the track dance. It’s truly a shame that he does not have 100x more fans and views then what he has now. I truly believe BioBlitZ will be a huge name in the EDM world.


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