Nima Yamini, New York based DJ/Producer ( has collaborated with Trap producer Austin Millz to create Shiraz Riots. Released today on SoundCloud and on Vimeo Shiraz Riots is a Trap-electronic record produced with serious percussions, paired with a middle-eastern sound. Trap music is a new sub-genre of electronic dance music, and is an up-and-coming bass-filled sound. A style of music which is typically described as a cross between hip-hop, dubstep, heavy bass, and trappy snares which form this sound of crunk hip-hop beats and most importantly electronic dance music (EDM).

“I enjoy making music, that is different from what is existing now. The creative process of making new music is exciting. You get to see how putting different sounds together in a sequence makes a beautiful song.” – Nima Yamini

Exploding onto the EDM scene in the last few months, Trap music has surpassed moombahton making its way into the EDM subculture at about 75 BPM. Most Trap tracks consist of large build ups with more subtle yet intense drops. Diplo, Flosstradamus and Araabmuzic are examples of Trap producers who are prevalent in the scene and have created a strong subculture within the EDM industry. Shiraz Riots is a track created with Persian percussions such as the tombak and strings from an old instrument called a setar. The elements of trap, EDM and percussions is a beautiful thing.

“It’s exciting to see how electronic music is evolving and as the genre expands the sub genres within them, like trap and chillwave.” – Nima Yamini

The Shiraz Riots music video was produced by Nicolas Padron, who spent one year as an understudy for one of the world’s most popular and influential fashion photographers, Bruce Weber. Working on projects such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Calvin Klein campaigns. Nicolas has also shot for Luis Vuitton in Paris. Nima Yamini is a DJ of many genres such as progressive house and trap, but mostly enjoys producing electronic music. He compares his sounds to those of Diplo and M83.

‘Shiraz Riots’ by Nima Yamini & Austin Millz from Ave A Soundcheck on Vimeo.

About Nima Yamini

Nima Yamini was born in Atlanta, Georgia, moved around often going to high school in the Washington D.C. area. His father (himself playing the piano, setar and reciting poetry in the household) encouraged him to learn music and put him in classes to learn a Persian percussion instrument known as the ‘Tombak’. Yamini made his first album when he was 18, selling copies in Baltimore and D.C.. Later moving to LA to do a internship in the music business after which taking a break from the industry all together.

In 2005 moved to New York City, where he became known for throwing A-list parties downtown. Around 2008, he began DJing and spent a couple months living in Europe he played in London and Paris.

The break ended when Nima Yamini through his label ‘Ave A Soundcheck’ began producing concerts in 2012 which the New York Post gave for the best Monday night party of summer of 2012. Blackbook Magazine has called it an ‘A-list Music Industry Event’. In May 2012, Nima Yamini began doing broadcasts on air at Eminem’s Shade45 channel on SiriusXM on their top rated show ‘Whoolywood Shuffle’ with host DJ Whoo Kid whom Yamini considers a mentor figure.

Yamini is currently working on ‘Desert Seclusion’ his upcoming EP which will be released early 2013.

“I’ll probably end up producing an indie rock track at some point as well, with live instruments and not a computer.” – Nima Yamini




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