REVIEW: Two Fresh at Wrongbar for Bassmentality 23-01-13 by Alix Nikulka


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This edition of Bassmentality featuring twin brothers, Two Fresh (USA) was certainly not your average night at Wrongbar.

Firstly, it was a much slower night for Bassmentality. I walked onto an almost empty dance floor to the sounds of Geronimo’s opening set. Typically, this local DJ plays heavy bass music, but he eased the early birds into the night with laid back hip-hop and rap. Geronimo spun classics like Sound of Da Police by KRS-One and Kick in the Door by Notorious B.I.G. He definitely went with his instinct and performed a set that was right for the mood. The soundtrack he provided was perfect for everyone’s first beer of the night.

The next artist was Exeter, a local DJ, who provided the party goers with a variety of bouncy tech-house and UK garage. It was impossible not to bounce to those beats, and Exeter encouraged us to do so as he bounced unstoppably throughout his entire set. At midnight, the crowd began to fill in the room. It is then that I noticed how much Bassmentality as an event has changed. The dance floor that was normally filled with bass-heads going hard now consisted of hipster youth out for a club night. The crowd differs depending on what artist is headlining, but it is so interesting to see Bassmentality grow and expand into something much more than it was created as. The diverse audience bounced and danced throughout Exeter’s set which integrated house, trap, hip-hop and future bass.

Finally, the boys, Two Fresh, took the stage. Their lighthearted vibes took over the entire venue and no one was standing still. How could anyone resist dancing to the energetic hip-hop beats accompanied by two fun-loving brothers jumping around behind their turntables? They had a dynamic mix of gangster rap, hip-hop and trap. This duo definitely brought something new to Bassmentality. They brought gangster rap and EDM together to form a unique sound and stylized DJ set that had the whole room rinsing out to their beats. It was thrilling to hear the boys put their own spin on some songs that I haven’t heard in a long time, such as Face Down Ass Up by 2 Live Crew and Get Your Freak On by Missy Elliot. To throw even more variety in the mix, they threw in popular bass track Coke in My Nose by Baauer. Even with the variety, their transitions were seamless and extremely well executed. The dynamic between the two brothers on stage was amazing to watch. Each DJ would take turns spinning and dancing on stage hyping up the crowd. They worked together really well, and their collaboration really shone through to the quality of their set. It was a pleasure to hear Two Fresh spin, and to see them have such a great time doing it.

To finish off the night, Geronimo came back out for a closing set. This set brought the original Bassmentality vibe right back, which I thought was a perfect ending. His mix was packed with everyone’s favourite dubstep, trap and drum & bass tracks. I really enjoyed the variety of genres throughout the event, but it was refreshing to get my heavy bass fix. The remaining crowd got to go hard to some huge trap beats like Harlem Shake by Baauer, Flosstradamus’ remix of Original Don by Major Lazer and RL Grime’s remix of Satisfaction by Benny Benassi. Once he transitioned into dubstep, I was raging. You can never go wrong with classic Doctor P like Watch Out, and SKisM & DC BreaksKiller. Geronimo even integrated an extremely popular hip-hop track Niggas in Paris by Jay-Z & Kanye West, which never fails to please.

This week’s Bassmentality featured genres and styles that aren’t typically featured, but the vibes were jamming and the whole night allowed party goers to dance their hearts out to many different sounds, which was exhilarating to experience with them. Two Fresh killed it, and I’m sure acquired lots of new Toronto fans.

Alex Nikulka  EDM TOR


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