TRACKS: Aly & Fila vs. John O’ Callaghan “Vapourize” by Sean Meiliunas


Three years after the success of their ‘Megalithic’, trance titans Aly & Fila and John O’Callaghan finally answer the calls of ten-thousands of fans. They’ve returned to the studio, with the perfectly balanced Vapourize as the result! A well-balanced joint venture of both sounds, with the thumping bass and energy of a John O’Callaghan original and the dreamy, melodic warmth of Aly & Fila. It doesn’t get much better than this!

The track kicks off with your typical trance drum loop greeted by a pretty downsweep. This is good for easy mixing. Now it wouldn’t be a trance track if we didn’t have an arpeggiated bass synth to carry us into euphoria, which is exactly what we hear next. The thing about this track is that, everyone would like it. It has a generic trance sound that we all know and love. However when you take Aly & Fila, and mix them with John O’Callaghan, you get something refreshing, but still close to home.

We start to hear Aly & Fila in the track once were poked at with a pretty progressive pluck synth under a simple chord progression. Warm pads and guitar synths fill the speakers and lift you up off the ground and dip you waist deep in amazement.

We are given a break from the dreamy soundscape, where we hear Aly & Fila really shine. With reverberated pads and echoed pluck synths to really give us that day dream feel, the duo really slow our heart rate down to a perfect mellow tempo. But this would be irrelevant if there was not a drop to follow! The dance drop brings us back to what we heard in the beginning, but it’s more… pretty. That’s my favorite in trance. Pretty melodies and gorgeous progressions. That’s exactly what this track has.

No doubt in my mind that this track will be on everyone’s Top 25 Most Played this summer. If you close your eyes to this track, you can’t help but picture yourself staring at the water and progressing your day to a beach party.

Wouldn’t that be nice, eh?

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Release Dates:  December 31, 2012 on Beatport / January 14, 2013 on iTunes, Spotify

on iTunes

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