REVIEW: Embrace presents Flux Pavilion @ The Hoxton 07-03-13 by Alix Nikulka


While standing in line to get inside the venue, the hoard of rowdy bass heads around me were already hyped up to see their favourite DJ, Flux Pavilion. They screamed and hollered down the street and chanted his name in anticipation for the show.

As I entered The Hoxton, the party was just getting started. Hydee was on the decks doing his thing, and there was lots of space to rinse out. All of the party goers were drinking their first beers and preparing for the spectacle that they were in store for. Hydee had no trouble getting people moving by playing dance floor favourites like Kyoto by Skrillex, Knife Party’s Bonfire and Centipede, and SKisM’s Rave Review and Experts. This local DJ always opens the night with a popular dubstep-packed set that is guaranteed to get the crowd going. The party goers were pumped to hear Xilent’s new track Boss Wave, and even a timeless classic Reaching Out by Nero. Nearing the end of his performance, the venue had filled up and there was a sea of ecstatic ravers. After dropping Skrillex’s Still Gettin’ It, he finished off his set with some true blue UK dubstep by Rusko. Hydee did it again.

Next on the decks was Roksonix of Circus Records. By the time he got on stage, the venue was packed with excited party goers. He eased us in with the popular trap anthem, Baauer’s remix of Roll Up by Flosstradamus. From then on, he kept the dubstep vibes flowing and played lively tracks to rage to like Trolley Snatcha’s Make My Whole World and Tetris by Doctor P. Nostalgic beats like that never fail to get me dancing. Roksonix took the opportunity to showcase some of his tracks, which we all know and love, such as Madness and Ride With Me. The crowd went crazy when he dropped the extremely popular drum & bass song Get By by Delta Heavy. The room was literally shaking from the amount of intense dancing and jumping. The movement didn’t stop as he dropped a bouncy moombahton remix of Doctor P’s Big Boss, yet another tribute to his friend at Circus Records. He killed it by ending his set with Killer by SKisM and DC Breaks.

It was absolute chaos when Flux walked onto the stage and took over the turn tables. His dedicated fans went insane as they finally got to witness him spin for them. The venue was literally a mass of excitement. He burst into his set with a track from his Blow the Roof EP, The Scientist, which he sang vocals for live! It was amazing to see another level of performance added to his already thrilling set. As a shout out to his friend and opening act Roksonix, he dropped his track Dogfight from his Dogfight EP. Flux got the venue hip-hopping to his trap track OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna). After slowing down the pace, he gave the crowd a popular banger, Knife Party’s Internet Friends VIP, which had everyone jumping up and down. Not a soul in the room didn’t know every beat of that song.

Flux went on the give his fans exactly what they want, Flux Pavilion tracks. He spun his classics like Cracks and Louder, which had the entire room going as hard as they could. This is what they came to see and hear. Flux also integrated many trap songs into his set. A fairly new addition to his set-list, but equally as fun to move your body to. He’s certainly going with the flow of the recent trap explosion, and the fans were loving it. Everyone went hard from the moment he emerged on stage. We all came to witness an unforgettable set by Flux, and that’s exactly what we got. As a finale at the end of the show, there was an explosion of confetti that complemented Flux’s explosive performance. There’s no doubt that each attendee went home with a satisfied bass-hunger.

Alix Nikulka EDM TOR


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