REVIEW: Foundry Presents 3024 Label Night ft Martyn + Kevin McPhee B2B Nautiluss + Mymanhenri at BLK BOX 22-03-13 by Sanj Takhar


This Friday, I ventured into BLK BOX and let’s just say… the dark side felt like home. All month long, Foundry has presented Toronto a new event series highlighting both up-and-coming Toronto talent and established innovative artists. Its underground feel has opened the eyes of typical club-goers and has filled the need of many individuals interested in various strains of techno, house, and bass heavy music.It was 12:30am at BLK BOX and the room was filling up.  I dumped my coat in a back room and slowly descend the staircase onto the main floor when my jaw dropped. Sure the venue is nothing but a typical square with a balcony, but the lights. Holy moly the lights. As a person who has never cared much for lasers (yes, I’m guilty of turning my back to them at most parties), I was struck. For such a small venue and short series, I didn’t quite expect to go into sensory overload, but the mixture of the Funktion One Soundsystem, intricate lighting and the cool and dark vibe had me in a pleasant trance. Every week the event team works on presenting new visuals to keep the space exciting, and I commend them. This night they had staggered boxes that were illuminated with interesting imagery and in the middle sat lasers that were not only moving to the music, but accentuating it. The waves, and circles and various other tricks the light were able to conjure up made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. After snapping a few mental images, I pushed my way to the dance floor.

Last Friday was the night celebrating the 3024 label. Opening for headliner Martyn, Toronto heavy hitters Kevin Mcphee and Nautiluss performed a special b2b set. Bouncing back and forth filling the room with sounds of house and techno and giving a real warehouse vibe, the crowd was jamming hard and feeling the music whichever way they wanted. One after the other they switched up styles, sounds, and moods keeping the crowd on their toes and bodies moving to the beat. To be sure, they were not an opening act, the extreme detail and knowledge of dj-ing and the ability to choose tracks that blended perfectly with the crowds mood allowed them to shine. Directly after the set, buzzing from the energy, I stood around hearing exclamations of “Can you believe that just happened?!” and “Wow, and the night is just starting.” To say the least, Kevin McPhee and Nautiluss had the crowd ready and excited for the musical sounds of Martyn.

By 1:30am, the room was packed and everyone was ready for Martyn to hit the decks, and let me say, not a single person in that crowd was disappointed. Martyn’s set was so smooth, transitions between songs didn’t even seem to occur, it was a set filled with just filthy, deep and dark techno. The cool vibes he was creating with his music and the calm demeanor he held on stage created an interesting dynamic in the crowd. You had a people interpreting the music in various ways, from hardcore movers and shakers, to the stand-around-close-your-eyes-and-nod-ers, to the grinning one-two-steppers, the crowd bobbed in an interesting fashion and created a comfortable vibe. Around 3:15am the club started to clear out slowly, but for those who left early, I’m sorry to say they missed the climax not only of my night, but of many others as well. Seemingly out of nowhere, but mixing it in perfectly, Martyn dropped the classic track I feel love by Donna Summer. At the sound of that song I stopped in my place and just soaked it in. The sound of Donna’s high pitched, soulful voice mixed with the 1977 pop/techno beat transformed the crowd before my eyes. Arms raised, hips moved, heads bobbed, bodies grooved and eyes closed as the room filled with the emotion.  I can say from the bottom of my heart, after that moment, this track will forever move me, and I’m sure many people would agree.

The show hard-stopped at 4am, and you could tell both Martyn and the crowd were still craving more. He tried to throw on another tack, but the power had been cut and the lights turned on. Still wanting to dance, I hung around for a bit, talking to new friends, meeting new people and hearing about their thoughts on the night. For me, the show was perfect. The extreme bass from the Funktion One’s, the tasteful and impressive lighting and the mind blowing music led to an experience I will never forget. That night in BLK BOX, many people felt the love. Thank you for your hard work Foundry, it has really paid off.


Sanj Takhar EDM TOR



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