REVIEW: Tritonal’s “Bullet That Saved Me” by Luc Mosley


Coming off their monstrous “Piercing Quiet Remixed” album, the Tritonal boys are back with a fresh EP for 2013.  Titled “Metamorphic I” this three-track release marks a change in Tritonal’s sound as evidenced by “Bullet That Saved Me”.

“Bullet That Saved Me” features the catchy vocals of Mark Underdown who sings over the breaks in the tune.  The song is certainly more commercial sounding than their past material.  The melodic vocal section is perhaps the most “Tritonal sounding” portion of the song.  The backing synths, plucks, and the overall rhythmic feel of the section remind me of their remix of Cosmic Gate’s “Wake Your Mind”.

The buildup and drop are when things become more commercial sounding.  The main drop of the song is an electro-flavored section containing some generic sounds with a few fresh ones thrown in.  Although Tritonal have been featuring gritty bass lines and electro elements in their songs for a while, this particular drop has a much more commercial feel to it than songs of the past.  During the second vocal break, there is a dubstep-ish portion before the melody comes in again.

Although this tune contains more house and electro elements in it than Tritonal’s previous work, I am not surprised to hear them taking their sound in that direction. Bullet That Saved Me reflects the direction of Tritonal’s live sets.  Over the last year, Chad and Dave have been throwing more and more house tracks like the Swedish House Mafia remix of Every Teardrop is a Waterfall or Moscow by W&W, a song that many people would refer to as “trouse”.  Seeing their sets slowly becoming housier, and their name becoming more popular, it makes sense to finally see a more mainstream house Tritonal original coming out.

The gradual shift from trance to more house and electro influenced material has been a common theme for trance artists.  With the release of Bullet That Saved Me due for release March 25th on Enhanced, Tritonal seems poised to expand from the trance realm. Bullet That Saved Me is a far cry from Tritonal’s old sound.  Although it draws influences from different genres of electronic dance music, it still sounds more mainstream and less trancey than what we’re used to hearing from Tritonal. If Bullet That Saved Me is in fact representative of their new sound, you can expect more of this in the future.  Check out the song for yourself!






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