TRACK REVIEW: Drake – Started From the Bottom (JELO, Str!pe, Stuart Software Miami Bootleg 2013) by Sean Meiliunas


Now me personally, I’m not a huge hip hop fan. However, the little hip hop I do like, Drake falls in there. With the original track sounding like generic hip hop, it’s really fresh to hear a great bootleg.

Jelo, Str!pe, and Stuart Software deliver a heavy dubstep track to honour the Torontonian, Drake. The remix keeps the original melody with some minor effect changes to keep you on your toes. These guys did a great job sampling from the original track, including flawless vocal chopping. The drop comes in almost out of nowhere. We are introduced to a hard beat, which fits very well, but I feel like there was going to be a buildup to some brain shaking, dubstep goodness. We are introduced to the drop with its glorious FM bass and “wah-wah” synth that sing along with Drakes chopped up lyrics.

I really like the quick, random sounds that are thrown around here and there. Almost glitchy. This bootleg would be a great addition to any club set. People would get excited about the Drake vocals, and the mastery from Jelo, Str!pe, and Stuart Software will set people over the edge.

A very hard hitting track indeed. Definitely a banger, without a doubt.

Sean Meiliunas  EDM TOR


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