NEWS: Joachim Garraud hosting remix contest for “Grizzly Giant”


Joachim Garraud is currently hosting a remix contest for his upcoming single, Grizzly Giant, due out on his newly founded SPACE INVADER MUSIC on April 29th. The winning remix will be featured along with Garraud’s Original Mix on the Grizzly Giant EP, along with a special prize determined by Joachim. All contest entries must be submitted by Sunday night (4/14) at midnight PST.

Contest entry rules and track stems can be found here.

Some words of encouragement from Joachim…

“My new single ‘Grizzly Giant’ is the next release on Space Invader Music. I am offering you the chance to have your own remix included with the official release of this dance floor killer track and also win a special prize! I can’t wait to hear your submissions! GOOD LUCK SPACE INVADERS!!!”





Space Invader Music


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