REVIEW: Promise Warehouse Party 13-04-13 by Sanj Takhar


It’s Saturday night and I’m walking down a shady, almost abandoned looking residential street with two friends in tow looking for a party in a place that has no sign…a signal of the epic to come. We find a line up outside a large brick building and are welcomed with smiling faces and buzzing energy.  Tonight, we’re celebrating a huge accomplishment for Toronto. Its Promise’s 13th birthday and supporters and long -time fans are flocking to a warehouse on the west end of Toronto to party hard in their honor. Tonight, not only were we going to get an amazing visual experience  and open attitudes as Promise always provides, but the dj performances are a dream for any house and techno fan.

With local Toronto talent including Karolina, Leelee Mishi and Juno nomination Arthur Oskan, party goers were delighted already at the musical ability of these artists, and I for one knew that party would be a success. However, for their lucky 13, Promise went all out inviting Grammy nominated The Scumfrog to grace the decks for a 2 hour no holds barred intimate set. For those who are unfamiliar with the works of The Scumfrog, he is a staple in the music industry but has managed to balance a very interesting role. Having worked with huge names such as Kylie Minogue, Sting, Cyndi Lauper, Missy Elliot and David Bowie he has maintained the ability to balance pop star productions with intimate and underground dj sets keeping a positive view in the music world.

Okay, so, enough with the technical stuff. You want to know about the night, right? Well it’s hard to explain an event when it has left you breathless and with no words. Promise really outdid themselves with their attention to detail and their insanely welcoming atmosphere. The venue was broken into three sections. The very back contained a chill out area with a bar where people could grab a drink, have a smoke and sit on comfy couches. The middle section was just a visual overload. That is the only way I can explain it. Under a black light shone jellyfish, statues of pumas in a cage, long pink strings that tickled your body as you past through them, and these large, and amazingly gorgeous creatures that towered over you as you passed through. It also contained booths with goods to be purchased, such as glow items, snacks, and cupcakes to treat yourself throughout the night. Now for the main room. As soon as you walk into the venue, you’re amazed by the elaborate stage setup, the remarkable alienInFlux Soundsystem and the elaborate lasers that span the whole room and transform an empty space into something special.

I walked in halfway through Suma’s own Leelee Mishi who was throwing down a deep tech house set that almost had a jazzy note to it. It had the crowd grooving with the soul soothing deep sounds and was a perfect welcome to the hype set to be laid down by The Scumfrog. At 1:00 when he hit the stage, the crowd went wild. If I tried to attempt to label the genre of music that he was able to conjure up, I would fail. It was an amazing balance of pure house, with hints of techno, ambient, and flickering between uplifting and dark vocals. It had the crowd riled up and unable to stop dancing. With surprises at every corner like unsuspecting drops, or quotes from his own productions, such as the main line from Clones – The Scumfrog it left me breathless and smiling like a kid on Christmas morning. The crowd for 2 hours, was smashed with hard hitting music, that I, personally, have never witnessed before and would do anything to hear again. My excellent night did not end here, at 3 AM Toronto’s techno giant Arthur Oskan jumped on the deck to hit us with more first-rate music spinning beats that had the crowd too pumped to feel tired.

Walking around at in the early hours of Sunday morning, I decided to ask a few people around me how their night was going, and I guess similar feelings were shared across the crowd. Words such as “fantastical,” “awesome,” “vibelicious” and “freedom” crossed the lips of many groups. Many people explained to me the same concept that they felt free, that the open environment and positive energy allowed them to feel like children again, something that can be a very moving force in a demanding, fast paced city.

After reflecting over this past weekend a few things occurred to me. Saturday was not only a birthday celebration, but a place where people could find and celebrate happiness, and I think that was Promise’s intention. Whether that was to catch up with friends, find an adventure, have your own instrumental dance party like some individuals did in the puma cage, learn a new talent like painting or hooping, or just dance your face off, you could and it was encouraged! I’d like to say, congratulations Promise and Happy Birthday, thank you for your dedication!  Your hard work is not going unnoticed.

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