TRACK REVIEW: JELO’s “Go For Launch” by Sean Meiliunas


JELO is back with another super rocking, fist pumping, head banging good time. And get this… it’s FREE! Last time we heard JELO was teamed up with Str!pe and Stuart Software, bringing us their hard bootleg of Drake‘s Started From The Bottom.

This time JELO is solo.

Go For Launch starts with a simple kick, hat, snare 128 tempo beat being carried by an arpeggiated bass synth slowly rising in frequency to really build the song up. We’re blissfully introduced to a softer riser synth, much like a siren. I like how he started the song right front the build up almost. Screw the intro and all that fancy stuff. JELO gets right to the beat in this one which will make it easy to keep the party moving.

The first drop we hear at the 1 minute mark is a simple one. Same beat we have been listening to but now were just accompanied by a side chained synth bass with the same note pattern as the intro. I feel like it almost makes the track bouncy. This can be caused by either the side chained goodness, or the open hi hat every 4 bars before the clap. Either or, you start to dance.

Soon enough, JELO starts shooting lasers. I was almost waiting to hear “DESTROY THEM WITH LAZERS!” but soon realized this wasn’t Knife Party. We’re given another very simple build up, this time with a typical snare roll and pitch bent riser synth. Nothing you haven’t heard before in electro. The 2nd drop which smacks you in the face at the 2:40 mark is much like the first drop, but on top of the side chained bass, we are given a hoover style bass synth. Classic. This old school synth bass never gets old in my opinion.

The drop continues for a few bars to keep the party moving, but eventually has to stop. JELO brings the intro back at the 3:40 mark and slowly starts to fade out all the elements until we are left with just the beat for easy mixing.

Not the track to play when you’re mid partying and feeling like you are at the peak of the night, but definitely a song to either get ready to, or slow down to. It’s almost to say its a “soft banger”. I’m looking forward to see where JELO moves forward from here.

You can find JELO on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud and download the song FREE here:

Sean Meiliunas  EDM TOR


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