ALBUM REVIEW: Dinky’s “Dimension D” by Luc Mosley


Dinky has been producing and DJing around the world for over a decade. Her fifth album, “Dimension D”, sees Dinky exploring different pathways in music – branching out from the pure EDM scene and diving into the world of the singer/songwriter.  Dimension D is a chill, spacey, and fresh sounding album that draws influence from many different genres of music.

Alejandra Del Pilar Iglesias Rivera, better known as Dinky, was born in Santiago Chile where she studied both piano and ballet.  Her love for music eventually brought her to Berlin where she established herself as a well-known dance music producer.  In 2009, she released Anemik, which boosted her popularity around the world.  She has also had releases on the labels Cocoon and Carpark.

“Dimension D” begins with the pensive I Saw, which can be described as a slow flowing ambient piece.  It does a good job of setting the tone for the rest of the album.  The second track is titled Measures and it features vocals by Dinky herself.  Once again, this track has a pensive quality to it, complete with trippy effects and synth hits panned in interesting ways.  Measures incorporates mallets and live drums to give the song an organic feel.  I liked the bluesy background synth that continues throughout the piece.

Xanex is one of the highlight tracks of the album.  It’s a got more drive to it than many of the other tracks thanks to the added percussion and claps.  Like the rest of the tunes on “Dimension D”, Xanex carries on the trippy vibe that defines this album.  I found it funny that the tune was vaguely about taking Xanex.  Dinky’s vocals are the main focus of the tune.  The title track, Dimension D begins with a guitar riff and builds and progresses thanks to Dinky’s vocals and some groovy house rhythms.  The playfulness of the title track, along with the exciting percussion, made it one of my favorite pieces on the album.  I definitely noticed influence from some of her earlier tracks.

Following Dimension D is Falling Angel, which seems to fall into the realm of progressive house.  It has an old school surf music feel to it, characterized by the wavy vocals and guitar lines.  I loved the way Dinky’s delicate voice floated above the rest of the track.  This is probably the most danceable tune on the entire album.  Heathrow caught my attention as well – the vocal effects of this chilled out song give it a unique sense of character.

A far cry from her trippy EDM songs, Dinky’s “Dimension D” is an intimate album, featuring delicate vocals and relaxed vibes.  The spacious, swirling sounds of this album evoke memories of some of Dinky’s past works. “Dimension D” contains a number of fresh sounding and adventurous tunes that demand the listener to approach with open ears.  If you’re searching for an organic sounding release to put you in the Spring/Summer mood, then turn to Dinky and her new dimension.

This album is set to release on Visionquest on June 24th.

Luc Mosley – EDM TOR


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