ALBUMS: Whiiite releases the latest issue in his comic series alongside new 5-track trap EP


The shadowy figure, known as Whiiite has released a 5-track EP full to the brim with trap-inspired bass heavy heaters. Along with ‘The Beekeeper’ EP Whiiite also offers up the newest issue in his growing comic series, chronicling his fictitious persona’s adventures.

‘The Beekeeper’ EP provides the ‘soundtrack’ to the origins story of the Beekeeper himself. The crisp production, all of the trap persuasion, helps to create a vivid mental landscaping of this villains origins story. Rolling snares and booming bass outline epic battles, while dark horns and sinister synths score Robinson Burrus’s deranged transformation into the Beekeeper.

Whiiite will continue to release new EPs accompanied by new comics, theming the music around a new character or event in the series. This episode focuses on the EPs namesake; the villainous Beekeeper. Torn from heart & home, twisted to the demented whims of ‘The Hellfire Project’, Whiiite may soon find himself entrenched in a battle for his life. What is the Hellfire Project?

You can grab ‘The Beekeeper’ EP for free via Whiiite’s Facebook page. Tune in, turn up and let the music of Whiiite and the Beekeeper take you on a fantastical journey through the ever expanding comic and musical universe Whiiite continues to create.

Download ‘The Beekeper’ EP here:
Read ‘The Beekeeper Origins’ here:
Watch ‘The Birth of Whiiite’ here:



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