NEWS: Headhunterz and Krewella release Official Music Video for “United Kids of the World”



“Social media is a safe haven to say anything that comes to mind, but what we do with this freedom is our own choice. We can use it as a weapon or as a self-defense mechanism. United Kids of The World, with Krewella, was not written to point fingers at anyone, but to spread a compassionate message. All three of us have experienced being bullied in our youth, and the only thing that was causing that was a lack of self-awareness. That is where bullying starts. So world, dear reader, listener, it is time to become aware of your role in this, your actions and their consequences.” – Headhunterz

On the heels of their massive anti-cyber bullying anthem, United Kids of the World, dance music’s dream team, Headhunterz and Krewella, now release the official music video and announce partnership with non-profit organization

Originally premiering on, they said, “Partnering with, Ultra Records made official what was already understood: United Kids of the World is an anthem with meaning, flexing its musical muscle to combat bullying, particularly online. While such a sentiment might seem overplayed, the earnestness of Krewella’s singing combined with the sheer gale force of Headhunterz’s melody drives this track straight to the heart of the issue and EDM’s many young fans at the same time. Not to mention, it’s a damn good party song too.”

Filmed in the back lots and warehouses of Los Angeles, the video displays offensive tweets to Krewella and Headhunterz, locker room bullying and lewd Facebook messages. Introduced with delicate piano chords and empowering chants from Krewella, the peaceful melody transitions into a full on hardstyle track from Headhunterz. Through the power of music a group of kids stand-up to hate by marching, shuffling, and breakdancing in unity.

“We’re really excited to partner with to raise awareness towards cyber bullying worldwide, with our Headhunterz collaboration. Although our society has made progress to promote equal rights and peace, we need to pay closer attention to bullying in the digital age, since it lies underneath reality’s surface and can have effects more harmful than ever before. Our goal is to send a positive message through the universal language of music. No matter what age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference, we are all united.” – Krewella

The alliance between Ultra Music and, is to ensure that everyone has the a power to stop bullying, and will be demonstrated through the “United Kids of the World” music video and Do Something’s “Bully Text” game. Willing participants can access the game by texting “BULLY” to 38383, and will experience different possible bullying scenarios.

“We watched the United Kids of the World video and immediately saw how loudly and accurately it spoke to the bullying that teens deal with every day. Everyone has the power to end bullying, and we’re so excited to be working with Krewella and Headhunterz to tell them how” – Alyssa Ruderman, Campaigns Manager.

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