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EDM TOR had the chance to catch up with producer Estiva.  Following successful release after release in 2013, including Teddybeat, Dinodrums and Mondays, all of which entered the Top 5 on the Beatport Trance chart, Estiva returns to Enhanced Recordings with his latest release Hippodrop.

Having seen major support from everyone from Armin van Buuren to W&W, Tritonal to Above & Beyond and everyone in between, this next production surely hits the target for the global DJ elite!

Hippodrop from Estiva will be available on Beatport December 9th via Enhanced Recordings.


1. Tell us, what is a hippodrop?
Ha! Excellent question to begin with! I have absolutely no clue but I can improvise a deep and meaningful story behind the name right now:

I kinda like hippos because they’re so fat and in a funny way that makes them adorable. Also, if you pick one up and let it drop I can imagine it’ll create a massive boom. Now there you have the ingredients of my new single called Hippodrop!

2. You’re playing at Exception Music Festival in the Philippines December 14th. Is this your first time playing the festival?  

It’s indeed the first time for me at this huge festival and I really can’t wait to perform alongside artists like Krewella, Arty and DubVision just to name a few.

With the heartbreaking news of the typhoon hitting the Philippines recently, destroying lives and areas, it’s great to have elements of a charitable purpose with the event.

3. Tell us about your podcast Next Level. You’re in your 32nd episode. What kind of tracks can listeners typically expect to hear?

The Next Level podcast is really a blend of stuff I like to hear home and tracks I love paying out in clubs as well. In 60 minutes you’ll hear exclusive tracks, a lot of unique mashups and generally a lot of pretty melodies! 

4. You’ve received major support from everyone to Armin van Buuren to W&W, Tritonal to Above & Beyond. How does it feel having your creations played by top DJs of the world?

I remember the first time Armin van Buuren played one of my tracks called Stella in A State Of Trance. That literally put me in a state of trance. It felt like I was on top of the world, with butterflies in my stomach. I still have that feeling now and then when I’m in the club and one of them drops my tunes, but I kinda got used to it as I’m djing myself now.

The butterflies made room for a conscious feeling of gratefulness.

5. How would you best describe your sound?

Melodies mixed with very danceable beats.ESTIVA1-1000

6. How did Estiva get started? What made you decide to take on a DJ career?

As I took producing more and more serious I felt like I wanted to share my music in a more intimate way. It doesn’t get any more intimate than being the DJ, sharing your own songs with people right in front of you via massive speakers.

7. Track of the year?

Juventa Ft. Erica CurranMove Into Light

8. What are some highlights of 2013 for Estiva?

I graduated this year, which means I can do music 24/7 now. Also, since I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, the Enhanced Australia tour in April was an unforgettable experience to me.

9. New Years resolutions?

Live healthier and experience more things you usually don’t dare to do. Maybe there’s a little bit of a paradox in there haha!









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