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Photo by Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

Photo by Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

I had the chance to sit down with Jordan Suckley, a DJ/Producer from the UK, when he came here for the Songs Across Wires Tour with BT, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Andy Ares.  Here is the interview that transpired.

What was the impetus to get this tour started?

Well, I’ve been releasing tracks on Paul Oakenfold’s label, like Do or Die last, or the earlier part of this year and he’s asked me to do some remixes. I’ve also been working with Simon Patterson, done a collaboration and a follow up and stuff. So, their agency said, ‘We’d like to take you under our wing. You’re already working with some artists on our agency’. And it kind of stemmed from there, really. And then, I got my visa and everything a couple of months ago. Then they basically said, okay we’ve got a 7 day tour around America, with loads of different shows and going into next year as well. So, it’s come from the music, really.

How do you keep up with football?

I just put alarms on my phone. So any time I’m in a different country, I just stream from my laptop.  I am a Liverpool fan.

For those that aren’t familiar with your sound, how would you describe your musical style and where do you get your inspiration from?

It’s evolving all the time. But it’s kind of a mixture of tech trance, uplifting trance, psy trance, and techno. So there’s a bit of a mixture of sounds in there. But a few years ago, I was looking through my CD wallet thinking, what kind of music should I make? I was a bit unsure what directions to go down or what tracks were playing every single week. So I try to make trance with all the elements I like.

Other than dance music, what other genres do you listen to, if any?

Well, if I’m driving, I like a little bit of deep house. Still don’t like anything cheesy. But if I’m driving, I like a little bit of Mark Knight, some techno and some deep house. But generally, I just listen to dance music and that’s it.

Now that we’re coming to the end of 2013, what was your highlight of the year?

Probably playing the closing set at Cream Amnesia after Above and Beyond in Ibiza. Because that’s somewhere I’ve wanted to play even before I became a DJ. I’ve watched, dunno if you’ve seen the film, Kevin and Perry Go Large. It’s a big film in the UK. So, I basically saw that film and saw they were at that club, and I decided this is what I want to do. So actually to get to play there was a dream come true.

What can we expect from you in 2014?

I’ve got loads, and loads, and loads of music coming up. Some collaborations. I’m also starting my own record label called Damaged Records. That’s going to be a similar label to Black Hole. That’s starting in February. I’ve just been booked for A State of Trance as well at the Who’s Afraid of 138 stage. I’m working on a track for Who’s Afraid of 138. Got a track on Subculture. Just loads of stuff. Stuff on Perfecto as well. So I’m taking things up a gear next year. I’ll be in America quite frequently as well.

Trance has evolved quite a bit in the last few years, what are your thoughts on the genre, as a whole, today?

Well, I think it’s kind of had a bit of a dip in 2011, 2012. It’s getting back on its feet again. But this year it’s been absolutely amazing. There’s loads of great producers coming through with fresh sounds and stuff. And you can see it in the beatport chart as well. It’s not all cheese. It’s a mix of proper trance in there now. I think it’s in a really healthy situation and next year should be a great year again.

What can we expect from your set tonight?

Well, I’m going to see what the vibe is when I get in there. I’ve got a bag full of everything as I like to to cover every eventuality. I never like to practice my sets or anything. I’ll just put, like, a hundred tracks in a folder and see how it goes from there. I’ve got five new ones from myself. My new one on Subculture called Techno Prisoners.

What’s your current favourite track?

It changes every minute. But I was just listening to Aly and Fila and Susana, Without You. Such a beautiful track.

Did you ever release a song and were surprised by how successful it was?

Yeah, Do or Die, my track on Perfecto. I sent it over to the label. John Askew is running the label for Paul Oakenfold. I sent it over and I didn’t hear back from them for about four days. I thought I embarrassed myself. They’re gonna say that it was rubbish. You’re putting yourself out there and leaving people to give their judgement. So, I was like, ‘I’ve embarrassed myself’. I was beating myself up and then say said they loved it and I was like, “What?” And then it was in the Beatport Top 10 for a month, I think. So it was incredible.

Last question for today. Anything you want to say to our readers and your fans in Toronto?

Well, I’m pretty fresh out here. But, hopefully, if you see my name on a flyer, make sure you come out and see me and come and say hello.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today, Jordan.  I can’t wait for your set tonight.

Thank you, Jeet, and thanks to EDM TOR for having me.


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