REVIEW: The Gift at Guvernment 28-12-13 by Montana McGiverin


Over the past few weeks, I was getting more and more excited for The Gift event where resident DJ Mark Oliver would spin an open-to-close. This was a completely free event for anyone with a wristband or on the guestlist and dressed in red or green. I think it is so wonderful for INK and The Guvernment to give an event back to us as a present, and I honestly couldn’t have enjoyed the night any more.

When I arrived at Guv, I couldn’t help but run in to the main room to start dancing. It had been a month since I’d been there and I was so happy to return. Mark Olver (pictured above) had already started the night off with some solid house music and I was grooving within five minutes of my arrival.

I soon began wandering around, saying “Hi!” to anyone I knew that was there as I made my way over to Chroma. Undercover was spinning and was dropping bangers like no tomorrow. I can be a sucker for a good banger track, and this was definitely a nice change from the action in the main room. While I was jumping around dancing, Chroma was filling up. I then realized I had spent a good amount of time in there and decided to head back to the main room.

Photo Credit: The Guvernment

Photo Credit: The Guvernment

It was about 1:30am when I re-entered the main room, and Mark Oliver was just starting to get into some classic trance. One of the tracks I recognized was Children by Robert Miles. I’ve heard this one many times and it brought back a lot of memories. I lost myself for a while in a trance, literally. It was magical.

As the night went on, I bounced back and forth between the many rooms in Guv that were open. Both Undercover and Mark Oliver were killing it in their rooms. Both were breaking out the best older tracks and surprising the dancers. But there were three tracks that Mark Oliver dropped that stood out for me this night. Flight 643 by Tiesto, Shivers by Armin Van Buuren, and Silence by Derelium [Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix].

At some point in time, I was obsessed with all three of these songs, and to hear them again in Guvernment’s main room was unreal.

As I was leaving, Mark had switched over to spinning some creepy dark techno. He wasn’t sparing any souls at that point. People were still going hard and I couldn’t help but continue dancing on my way out.

This was one of the year’s best nights at Guv for me. Nights that are filled with a musical education are bound to be good, and I cannot wait for next year’s Gift event!  Thank you to Ink Entertainment and the staff at The Guvernment for another wicked night!


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