REVIEW: Ozmozis presents GENESIS NYE 2014 by Jenny Liang


I couldn’t think of any better way to spend New Years Eve than with the Ozmozis team and my beautiful Trance Family. This is the largest trance event that the Ozmozis team has organized to date, and it went fabulously. The Virgin Mobile Mod Club was granted extended hours for this event, and everyone was raging ’til the wee hours of the morning, solidifying my belief that Toronto knows how to party.

I arrived at the venue roughly around 11. Shelley was just finishing her opening set and by the look and feel of the crowd I could tell she did a fabulous job of setting the night up. The crowd was a mix of young and old, of veterans in the scene as well as new faces.  Everyone was dressed to the nines for New Year’s Eve, with hats, glasses, noisemakers, and some sparkle!


Photo Credit: Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

Photo Credit: Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

Sied Van Riel stepped in to the DJ booth and I couldn’t hold in my excitement. I am a big fan of his music. He took us through a nice transition from Shelley’s tech mix into some trance, mixing in uplifting and some vocal trance tracks. It edged closer towards midnight and the venue started filling up fast. Everywhere you looked people were dancing and bottles were popping. A minute before countdown, Arnej interrupted Sied’s set for the golden moment. Hyping up the crowd, he yelled to the crowd and people started counting. We couldn’t wait for the start of 2014 and the continuation of this party. When the countdown hit zero and the new year officially began, the room filled with balloons falling from the ceiling. The thumping sound of Sied van Riel returned to our ears, and I looked to the stage to see Arnej had joined him for a B2B. It seemed as though with each passing DJ, the energy level was rising little by little, the beats were getting a little faster, and the crowd was getting more rowdy. Everything that was played kept the crowd dancing and floating on that trance cloud. It seemed as though the party was never ending, which we all would have liked. Arnej then went into his own set and went full speed ahead, taking the audience on a whole new ride. They were eating up everything he threw out at them. The crowd was drenched with trance bliss.


Photo Credit: Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

Photo Credit: Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

Finally, M.I.K.E Push took the stage. This was my first time seeing him live, and he left a very good first impression on me. He played Andrew Rayel‘s Zeus, and honestly, that just made the night even more epic than it already was. He even played half of his set with only classics, surprising even the veteran ravers at the event. I was exhausted before M.I.K.E. finished, but the moment I was waiting for was just around the corner. I could barely hold in my excitement. Bryan Kearney was next.

This man is the perfect DJ to close out a New Year’s Eve bash! Even though the venue wasn’t as packed as it was a couple of hours earlier, the true trance warriors were keeping the party alive. I honestly expected nothing less then what Bryan Kearney delivered. I had been dying to get some serious Kearnage! He played some of my all time favourite tracks like Leave Me Alone by Astrix (Simon Patterson remix), and Big Sky by John O’Callaghan (Deconstruction remix). Near the end of his set I felt my legs starting to give out, but there was no way I was going to stop dancing. I was still loving every second of his set and I decided to keep dancing until the very end. I can say it was worth the aches and pains the next morning. Bryan Kearney closed out GENESIS beautifully. A strong end to a wonderful year, and a wicked way to start off a new one. Thank you Ozmozis Productions for, yet again, throwing one hell of a party! I can’t wait to see what Ozmozis has to offer us in 2014.


Photo Credit: Adele Desloges for EDM TOR

Photo Credit: Adele Desloges for EDM TOR






Sied van Riel


Bryan Kearney


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