EP REVIEW: Kyau & Albert – Nights Awake: Remixes by Richard Granholm


Kyau and Albert, a Germany-based trance production duo comprised of Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert, have released “Nights Awake: Remixes,” the follow-up to their 2013 artist album “Nights Awake.”

Kyau and Albert are the owners of Euphonic Records, started in 1997. The team is known for their incredibly melodic productions, usually fronted with vocals from Steven himself; together, these elements have defined their unique sound. Now, with the release of this remix album, we get to see their songs redefined.

The most interesting aspect of the album is the choice of remixers; aside from a few well-known trance producers such as Moldovan producer Andrew Rayel and Euphonic’s own Ronski Speed, many of the artists are relatively unheard of. The album overall sounds great, and hopefully these artists will get a lot more exposure because of it.

The first track on the album, the Pingpong remix of The One, is not like any of the other tracks. It effectively eases listeners into the album with liquid piano over strings and choir, which then drops into a catchy, subdued bassline.

Everyone will have his or her own favourites on the album. Mine include Another Time (Airsoul Remix), which features a heavier, electro-inspired intro, followed by a very uplifting chorus. It’s the perfect example of having both sides of the coin in the same song, something I’m a huge fan of. The Andrew Rayel Remix of All Your Colours also grabbed my attention, as it has all the lovable Rayel elements: big bass, big melodic synths, and powerful snares.

My favourite track on this album is Do You Still Know (Joseph Areas Dirty Rock Remix). It has a big, well-produced progressive trance sound that I really enjoy. The creativity is huge, as you can hear when the breakdown completely slows down and gives a half-time dubstep beat over the vocals.

Another favourite of mine, Encounter (Arisen Flame Remix), really ends the album with a bang, featuring a tight beat with catchy synth stabs in the intro, a beautiful breakdown, and steady risers that build excitement in the drop.

This CD will have something for everyone. If you like big room sounds, check out the banger At Any Time (Togglehead Remix), or Ronski Speed’s bass heavy remix of the popular A Night Like This. If you are a sucker for melodies, listen to the Steve Brian remix of What Lovers Only Know, which has a beautiful, unique chord progression underneath a stunning synth solo. Or, check out the club rework of Nightingale, which adds large syncopated sounds over the original trademark percussion. Out now, Nights Awake: Remixes is a must-have album.

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Full Track List:

1. The One (Pingpong Remix)

2. Euphonia (Shato & Paul Rockseek Remix)

3. Another Time (Airsoul Remix)

4. All Your Colours (Andrew Rayel Remix)

5. Do You Still Know (Joseph Areas Dirty Rock Remix)

6. At Any Time (Togglehead Remix)

7. A Night Like This (Ronski Speed Remix)

8. What Lovers Only Know (Steve Brian Remix)

9. Could You Fall (Lock & Load Remix)

10. This Love (Ltn Remix)

11. What Will Go (Jaco Remix)

12. Nightingale (Club Rework)

13. We Own the Night (Mino Safy Remix)

14. Encounter (Arisen Flame Remix)

Check out Kyau and Albert’s original album, Nights Awake: http://www.beatport.com/release/nights-awake/1037171

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Other Artists on the album:

Andrew Rayel

Ronski Speed

Arisen Flame

Steve Brian

Joseph Areas

Mino Safy






Shato & Paul Rockseek

Richard Granholm


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