Lindsay Cabrera Public Relations (LCPR) Launch at Parlour 19-03-14 by Natalia Toussaint


Many, many, many congratulations to EDM TOR contributor Lindsay Cabrera on a successful launch of her boutique public relations agency, LCPR. LCPR is an Electronic Dance Music boutique agency based in Toronto, Canada, founded in 2013. LCPR specializes in publicity for electronic dance music artists worldwide. Currently LCPR represents the following notable artists:

Alan Aguero – Toronto, Ontario
DJ Jounce – LA
HIIO – Colombia’s Ortzy and Argentina’s Nico Hamuy.
Justin James – Windsor, Ontario

The launch party was at Parlour, an intimate kitchen, bar and lounge steps below street level in Toronto’s Entertainment District. Attendees to the launch included individuals from the music and media industries as well as friends and family to celebrate. Parlour resident DJ Mins spun a range of Deep House for patrons to groove to.

All guests departed with “Winter Music Conference (WMC) Survival Kit” gift bags, filled with every and anything needed to survive the marathon that is WMC. For the sun dwellers, Somerby sunglasses and towel as well as skin products from Shu Umera, Biotherm, Kiehl’s and hair care product from Kevin Murphy; donated by the Hudson’s Bay Queen St. West location. S Style & Fashion Magazine graciously gave their March issue to those who wish to catch some of the Miami rays and the carrying bag to keep everything in one place. AquaHydrate water and VEGA Sport electrolyte hydrator products were thrown in to make sure you keep hydrated during your dance-a-thons.


To calm your sore muscles, MuscleCare extra-strength roll-on, a fast-acting, natural anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic muscle pain reliever. To keep cool in the Miami sun, custom LCPR fans were given to everyone from FanPainter. I’ve been needing to replace my ear plugs and Ear Peace provided just that, ear plugs to protect our fragile ears. USB Canada gave adorable 8GB USB figure for the goodie bags and a eye mask to block out the burning sun.

With all this swag I almost convinced myself I was ready to board a plane with only my goodie bag and give Miami and WMC a run for their money, but I recently came down with the flu so that was out of the question. I’m looking forward to using all these products in the future.

Thank you to Parlour for hosting the event and to all the sponsors for providing all the swag. Sending positive vibes to Lindsay and LCPR artists during WMC and in the future. Congratulations once again and EDM TOR wishes you unimagined success!

Click here to see the LCPR Launce photos!



Signed Arists
Alan Aguero
DJ Jounce
Justin James


Natalia Toussaint EDM TOR


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