TRACK REVIEW: Deepeasy – Rollit or Foldit by Amrit Sandhu



Deepeasy, aka DJ Freshman Green, is a vocalist and producer hailing from Lelystad, Netherlands.  Productions coming from Netherlands have deep roots in techno, trance and electro; Deepeasy is the catalyst for change and has produced a Dutch Beats track. He has worked as a radio DJ, a vocalist in several bands and has worked with AngryGoose and BOEBOE before going solo. He also features himself as the vocalist on many of his tracks.

Rollit or Foldit is a mix between juke, bass and footwork, also known as Dutch Beats, and is the first of many tracks to come. Rollit or Foldit is a repetitive, glitchstep-like track with a dynamic beat.  The glitchstep is what stands out most from the track but the beat is not very diverse and I can’t seem to latch onto the song, nor become engrossed in it. I was looking for more depth, and would like to see where Deepeasy can take his next productions and explore the world of Dutch Beats with his next productions. I’m definitely looking forward to see where he goes next and how he matures as an artist.

Deepeasy is currently an unsigned artist.







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