TRACKS: Catz ‘N Dogz Release “Booty Comes First” / “Bones Shakin'” Preview


We’ve always thought Catz ‘n Dogz are well mannered gentlemen. Here they prove it with their ghetto-minded twist on the most important gesture a man can make… Ladies first.

Booty Comes First opens with a mid ‘90s arpeggiated synth hook that pumps with a crisp sense of innocence. This purity is soon corrupted by subtle orgasm moans, gangster vocal loops and a twisted melting trumpet horn blast. Switched up with classic garage-y off-beat snares, it carries all the classic Catz ‘n Dogz motifs while remaining fresh, exciting and seriously next level.

Unlike the A-side, there are no airs and graces about Bones Shakin’. A swinging, butt-busting groove, this is quintessential dirtybird thanks to its jacking dynamic, wretched robo-vocals and head-turning noises and FX.

This follows Catz ‘n Dogz powerhouse stomper Drop It on dirtybird’s lip-smacking BBQ compilation. Seven years deep and this Polish / Californian connection continues to spawn some of the most subversive, exciting house music on the planet. Long may this relationship last!


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