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‘s writer Derek Yeung had the chance to catch up with Irish DJ/Producer Sneijder. Known for his unique sound, a perfect fusion of uplifting and tech trance, Sneijder has become one of the most sought after and talked about prospects in the trance scene. Find out about his first experience in Toronto, and more, by reading on.

What was your first impression of Toronto? Did you get to see much of it while you were here?

S. I really enjoyed the city. It was really cold.. lol .. but it’s a really happening place. We also made a short visit to Niagara Falls which was pretty cool also. It was a great few days, I hope to return soon.

You’ve had the opportunity to perform all over the globe and at some of the worlds largest trance events like FSOE 300, Luminosity, and ASOT. Do you prefer large festivals or smaller venues and why?

S. I enjoy both, large arenas are great and have a unique vibe as do the smaller venues. I think it all depends on the crowd, if the crowd are up for it the dj feeds from that and it makes for a great experience all round for everyone.

What is your take on the Pure Trance movement?

S. I think its great, I am very fortunate to have been selected by the Pure Trance guys to feature at some of their events this year. The crowds that attend are always very in tune with the music and passionate about it. It’s great to see people researching music and not just accepting whats put in front of them, this is essential for the growth of trance.

Tell us about your debut in Toronto! How did you like the crowd, the venue, the atmosphere, and being on that lineup next to Giuseppe Ottaviani and Mr. Pure Trance himself, Solarstone?

S. It’s always an honour to play alongside two of the artists whom I consider to be massive musical inspirations on my career. I love the live aspect that Giuseppe brings to the club, playing melodies and stuff on the fly really interests me, I love to watch it. Rich always gets the crowd going with his euphoric sound. The crowd was amazing in Toronto and the club was packed until the end, truly a passionate crowd that loved every minute of my set.

Which one of your tracks, out of all of your originals, remixes, etc., stands out to you the most and why?

S. I think Checkpoint which was released on Vandit was a turning point for me production-wise, It was really the first time I felt like I could translate what was in my head into music. Also my remix for Andain was a massive turning point, lots of bigger names took notice of my name after that remix.

How would do you maintain a pure trance sound while still being innovative and current?

S. Melodies are the foundation for me always, a strong riff will always catch the ear, so a good and well-written melody is always key. After that you can experiment and still stay true to your sound, Giuseppe Ottaviani is a prime example of this, you always know his tracks. I guess you could call it having your own signature sound.

If you weren’t a DJ/producer, what would you be doing? // Do you work another job?

S. I worked on a building site since I was 15yrs old, so if I wasn’t a DJ I would still be doing that, I’m sure. I stopped my job last year to focus on my music career, I just had no time left to do both.

What is something really crazy that has happened while you were touring?

S. The police came into a venue and lifted all the DJ equipment and I never got to play, was a crazy situation actually, I didn’t know what was going on.

Is there anywhere you haven’t been booked before, that you would love to spin?

S. I have always wanted to play in Russia, hopefully it will happen one day!

What can we expect next? Maybe an album??

S. Lots of exciting things happening at the moment, I am currently mixing a disc of the new In Trance We Trust ‘ITWT’ 020″ CD for Black Hole Recordings. Also I have some new singles ready, and maybe even an album at some point, but for now, its all singles.

It was wonderful to chat with Sneijder, and for anyone who missed out on his set at Mod Club in Toronto, shame on you! Pure Trance Toronto was a wonderful experience for all who attended. Check out this recent podcast episode and be sure to follow Sneijder on his social media (links below).


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