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“Nothing Out Here” is an album released only recently, yet it has already achieved the number one position on the Beatport charts. Released on Silk Royal Records (a sub-division of Silk Music), Ontario-based producer Nigel Good has thrown all his creativity into this album, and it shows immensely.

While the album is predominantly progressive house, it also features ambient soundscapes, drum and bass, and even glitch hop. And while all these genres seem completely unrelated, Nigel has a distinct sound that melds the album together into one beautiful, otherworldly atmosphere.

The album’s first track, This Is Us, tells it all in a single 8-minute epic: it begins with in the soft realm of pads and piano, eases into a subdued, progressive dance beat, leads into an ambient, half-time break, then crashes into a big, banging beat for the grand finale. There is no mystery as to why this track was chosen to be the LP’s first, for it effortlessly slides us into the album, while at the same time, giving us a sense of what it’s about.

The other progressive tracks on the album are equally as beautiful, and Nigel manages to keep them sounding refreshingly different from one another. Ride atop the hovering triplet synths in Flight, groove to the funk guitars of Nothing Out Here and Something Out There (two sister tracks that originally started as one), and bob your head to the glitchy One Minus Space.

Special mention goes to the single glitch hop track on the album, as well as the only track to have clear vocals, There For You Now. One of the catchiest tracks of the album, Nigel blends the glitch hop style with his own well-crafted sound to produce a high quality, wobble-infused, dance-floor anthem. There are so many amazing elements to this track, but the inclusion of a complete horn breakdown and multiple outbursts of synthesizer solos bring the track to new heights.

This album really is a journey, and the ambient soundscapes that are dotted between the more rhythmic tracks help carry us through the voyage. Close your eyes and take yourself to new places during The Edge, jam to the orchestral, down-tempo Cine, and ease yourself out of the journey on the album’s last track, This Is It.

“Nothing Out Here” is just one of those albums that is so well put together – from the album cover, to the ordering and titling of tracks, to the music itself. It is incredibly produced, and spectacularly mixed; you will not hear one element that wasn’t given careful consideration before being included. Nigel Good’s masterful blending of dance sounds and piano underneath soaring, ethereal effects creates what he exactly intended: a feeling of the vast, unexplored expanse that is the realm of “Nothing Out Here”.

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