PREVIEW: Mothership Tour at TD Echo Beach May 30 & 31, 2014 by Matt Longmuir and Amrit Sandhu


I like to think of myself as an electronic music enthusiast. I love every genre under the sun. From Armin to Zedd and everything in between. Dubstep was the catalyst genre that got me into the scene. It started with listening to the likes of Skrillex. Then I was introduced to Porter Robinson and Above & Beyond. As a live music geek, I was always attending concerts. Needless to say, it took little time for me to go to my first electronic music show. I saw Ajapai at the Mod Club in December 2011. I thought I was ready and prepared for a new experience. Little did I know how absolute the obsession would become. A few short days after the Mod Club show, Skrillex released “Bangarang”, the album that would change my life. My iPod went from having a few Skrillex songs on it, to it being full of EDM and no longer containing a single rock song. I even had to go out and purchase a new iPod so I could fit everything onto it. A full transformation.

I think the first milestone of my EDM career was seeing Skrillex at Fort York in summer 2012 for his Full Flex Tour. I’d like to reminisce a little about it in anticipation of his an Mothership Tour the end of May.

I arrived late, unfortunately, just before Diplo was set to take the stage. I used to deal in absolutes when it came to music. Either I liked the genre and listened to absolutely everything, or I didn’t listen to a single thing from it. “Diplo?” I said. “That guy who does the Pon De Floor song? I’ve never liked hip-hop, so he doesn’t really appeal to me, let’s go grab a beer.”

Little did I know that this would be my introduction to what is now a wild passion for the trap and moombahton genres. While standing in line for a drink, I found myself doing a subtle two step routine just grooving along to the music. After a few minutes I ditched the beer idea and wandered out into the crowd to get a better look at the man who would soon become one of my favourite producers. In no time I was in the middle of the crowd trying my best to blend into a scene I never thought I would be a part of.

After Diplo, Pretty Lights took everyone on a journey of sights and sounds. A very tranquil set full of emotion. A much slower pace than I was expecting. One that you sway and bob to, rather than thrash and rage. I was not aware of who he was or any of his songs before that night, but I can say in full confidence that I am a fan. So much so that I refused to miss his set at Veld last year.

Finally, the moment of anticipation had arrived. The Mothership had landed. The countdown began and everybody yelled along with it as it ticked down. And there he was, in all his glory. The guy I used to idolize when he was in From First to Last. Now standing before me, pumping out jam after jam with an energy I have never experienced at a live show before. I have to hand it to the guy, he certainly knows how to work a crowd. He caters to the vibe, interacts with the people and most importantly, seems to enjoy every moment of his time in the spotlight doing something he loves. He played everything from Rock n Roll, The Devil’s Den to his Avicii Levels remix,  and the ever elusive Bug Hunt. His new track, at the time, Goin’ In, with Birdy Nam Nam was a huge selling point for me and my favourite moment of the night. The crowd was just devouring everything he threw at us. It was almost magical.

I will never forget the walk home after the show. Our ears greeted with that familiar faint ringing and our clothes absolutely covered in dirt and sweat. We walked through the entertainment district, our appearance clashing with all the club goers. We got dirty stares and had people nearly jumping out of our way so we wouldn’t get them dirty. That dirt was a badge of honour. A token of a night well enjoyed and something to be fondly remembered. I eagerly await this coming Echo Beach show with baited breath. If it is even a fraction of what he served up to us at Fort York, I think we are all in for a treat. Especially us two day ticket holders.

Dillon Francis is a pioneer when it comes to moombahton and moombahcore. Growing up in Los Angeles definitely influenced his style, with very eclectic beats. It was Diplo that discovered this budding artist in 2010 and since then he’s been on fire. It was in 2012 that he became number one on Beatport release charts, the first of any moombahton artist to do so, being supported by the likes of Nero and Flux Pavillon. He is currently releasing an album in July of this year on Mad Decent. Look out for Dillon not only to spin new tracks but as well as his collaborations and remixes. This is surely one artist you do not want to miss.

What So Not hails from Sydney, Australia. When their EP “7 Dollar Bill” came out in 2011, it created a stir in the music industry. Their remixes of Major Lazer’s Get Free garnered notoriety in the music industry. The duo is signed to OWSLA and Sweat It Out Records. Being constantly played on BBC Radio 1 , their demand has only given these guys a taste of what is yet to come. They are currently working on their second EP, and you definitely want to hear what these guys are up to since they are the future of sweaty beats.

 Originating from Florida and now working out of Los Angeles, Milo & Otis have created something that is magical. They signed to OWSLA records and started working with A-Trak, they are soon to release an EP with that magnetic feel. The wildly popular collaboration on Duck Sauce‘s track NRG with Skrillex, is a good indicator of what to expect. They are bringing their A game to Toronto and knowing their magical touch, you’ll definitely be missing out if you miss this show.

Skrillex, also known as Sonny Moore, hails from LA, the city of angels. Skrillex’s love of music started in his youth but it was during his teens after he attended punk shows and later electro clubs, diversifying his musical taste. Starting off in a post-hardcore band named From First to Last, Skrillex left the band and went solo 2008. In 2010, Skrillex became a household name, his EP “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” went viral and Deadmau5 signed him to Mau5trap Records. Skrillex has been unstoppable ever since. He started his own record label OWSLA, and signed the likes of Kill Paris and Porter Robinson. He made a cameo in Disney’s Wreck It Ralph, as well as, his collaboration with Kaskade and legendary band The Doors has crossed barriers never before seen in music industry. His new album “Recess” was released on March 18 of this year and it’s definitely true that Skrillex is a force that cannot be stopped. So get your dance shoes ready for a night of pure energy and wicked sound.

William Grigahcine, aka DJ Snake, is a Grammy-nominated French producer and DJ known for mixing hip hop and electronic music. Working close with fellow Frenchwoman Alesia, the duo collaborated on Bird Machine which is part of Jeffree’s first official Double A-Side release along with single, Bird Machine and Together, released in February 2013. DJ Snake has been in the business since 2009, working with a slew of artists including, DJ White Shadow, MercerLady Gaga, RedOne,  Pitbull and Jordan Knight, just to name a few. DJ Snake is once again making his mark in the music industry with his recent collaboration with Lil Jon Turn Down for What. This track was recently remixed by 2 Chainz, Juicy J and French Montana.

For everyone who had tickets in hand for the cancelled Full Flex 2013 tour, the Mothership 2014 tour is sure to fill that hole in our hearts and more than make up for Skrillex being MIA in Toronto for so many years. It was very difficult to choose between Friday or Saturday, so why not a two day ticket? I look forward to see how the sets compare between the two days and if the style of the co-headliners have anything to do with how Skrillex’s might change. Get your dancing shoes on and your festival gear ready because if you’re not going to be here with me, then you need to reassess your priorities.

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