EP REVIEW: Jovonn – The EP (Apollonia 12) by Amrit Sandhu


Label: Apollonia

Jovonn originally hails from Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Queens, New York. Having been active in the music scene since he was 10 years old, Jovonn had an early passion of music. Supported by his mother and father, who are both musicians, he was nutured with a solid musical foundation. Jovonn started his career has an hip hop DJ at the age of fourteen and start spinning during the block party craze of the 80s. Jovonn exploded onto the house scene in 1991 with the track Turn and Runaway on Warner Bros. Records and which reached number 10 on the billboard charts. This influential DJ continued to make his mark by having tracks such as I Can’t Make Up My Mind and the standout DJ Deep collaboration Back in the Dark. He  has most recently made a comeback last year with music on Dogmatik and La Vie En Rose.

Trippin (Body ‘n’ Deep Vox Mix) is an exceptional house track with a steady bass line that you can just move your body to. This song makes me feel as though I’m just in a swanky club and grooving to the beat. The vocals add a nice touch to this song and fit the song nicely allowing the grooves to still be present. This song keeps me on my toes and reminds me of the cool crisp air of fall. This song is refreshing like the air in the fall and how amazing it is to drive through it. For any house junkie, you definitely need this track as your cruising to your next destination.

The March is a deep house track with a funky bassline. Any house-head would be ecstatic over this, as this is original house music. This track achieves that dance floor satisfaction that house lovers crave and only dream about. Jovonn has created a masterpiece of a track with something everyone can enjoy. This song reminds me of soaring over lakes and seas and flying to a new destination, not knowing where this destination will be.

Thank you Jovonn, as my feet keep moving I will continue to love this song more and more I listen to it, this is definitely what a house junkie dreams are made of.


A1:Trippin (Body N Deep Vox Mix)
B1: The March
B2:Trippin (Body N Deep Dub Mix)



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