EVENT REVIEW: Madeon at The Guvernment 06-21-14 by Matt Longmuir


The club partied hard, waiting for Madeon with baited breath.  Mark Oliver threw down an amazing set as he is famous for.  He spun for a solid three and a half hours.  Classic residence night tunes and vibes.  Everybody had smiles on their faces as the familiar feeling of another Saturday night at the Guvernment washed over us all.

That place in the distance that we had been dreaming of for so long had finally became a reality once again on Saturday night.  Fresh off his set at Electric Daisy Carnival LasVegas on Friday, Madeon traveled north to our city to make his debut in the world famous Guvernment night club.

Aside from the heart pounding bass and epic ramp up of the volume, the confetti cannons are always a signal to the crowd that Madeon has arrived.  As the rainbow of colourful confetti rocketed upwards and fluttered down, he had hardly even played a few notes but the crowd was beside themselves with excitement.  Ripping through his own original tracks like Finale and Icarus to the newer releases of Technicolour and Cut the Kid, he kept hands in the air and feet barely on the ground for a solid hour and a half.

Honourable mention goes to Madeon dropping the huge tune Hope from another exceptional artist Alex Metric.  As it’s one of the better tunes floating around at the moment, a lot of well versed artists have picked it up into their set and put their own flavour to it.  I was really happy to see that Madeon had left it as it was originally produced and just blew the room apart with it.

Although we had plenty of room to dance and groove around, we found ourselves transfixed in one location most of the night just in awe of the visual production he brought with him.  The fog machines were such a great relief from the heat of the room, as they always are.  The fog gives you a weird sense of freedom and isolation in a room full of people as it envelopes the space.  Being unable to see a foot in front of your face is a weird but awesome feeling.  Combined with the high energy, positive vibe music of Madeon there was nothing standing in the way of yet another epic night out in Toronto.

No night would be complete at the Guvernment without a visit from our homegrown talent deadmau5.  Speaking with Madeon on Twitter before the show, deadmau5 was guaranteed to show up to the performance as he normally does with all of the talent he decides to be friendly with as they pass through Toronto.  You could tell they were having a great time together, laughing and dancing while Madeon played his set.  At one point, deadmau5 picked up Madeon during Madeon’s smash remix of Raise Your Weapon.

It was truly an amazing moment for both the two of them, and the crowd was eating up every second of it.  Immediately after Madeon was finished, deadmau5 took the floor for a few short minutes to briefly showcase some of his new album that was released on Tuesday June 17.  The few minutes he played really helped mellow out the room as we made our way outside.  The progressive piano chords were a perfect way to end a perfect night on the town.

Madeon has incredible talent.  He has an impeccable ear for music and a huge head start on his career.  The way he flawlessly mixes from one song into another is an absolute treat to witness.  For being as young as he is, he has an entire world of opportunity in front of him and you can be assured he will not let that slip through his fingers.

I dare going as far as saying that adding a live performance by Madeon to your bucket list is nowhere near as crazy as you may think.  The memories I have made from the times I have seen him perform, and the friends I have met at those events will last a lifetime.  So, for now, I am satisfied, but here’s to yet another undetermined time frame full of dreaming of that place in the distance, so that we can return to it sooner, rather than later.



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