TRACKS: Christian B, AKA S.A.F, Makes us “Feel This Way” With his First Release in Over a Year



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In almost a years time, revered tastemaker and radio personality, Christian Burkholder is revamping his moniker S.A.F in a big way with the release of Feel This Way, ft. Gamble & Burke out June 9th, 2014 on Crowd Records. Prior to this release, S.A.F. has reached chart topping success with remixes and originals and has received nods from top producers like Tristan Garner,John Digweed, and Roger Sanchez. For example there is the dance floor hit, Live So Free feat. Nichole Alden (#11 UK’s Up Front Club Charts), or the anthemic tech-house release Oxygen ft. Cary Brothers (Top 10 on UK’s Club Charts), the innovative remake of the classic Tears For Fears song Shout (#5 Music Week Club Charts, #32 Euro Club Play Charts), and most recently the sensational original Don’t Let Go ft. Jimmy Wong ( #7 UK Club Charts). Now S.A.F .plans to make an even bigger splash with Feel This Way which is a glistening and sophisticated dance floor original that is fit for festival main stages.

Remixer, producer & radio host, Christian has been at the forefront of America’s electronic dance music movement and a champion of the west coast electronic dance music scene long before the term EDM became mainstream. In fact he was a host and DJ at the first U.S. terrestrial electronic tech dance radio station; Mars FM, followed by Groove Radio and then KIIS FM LA with his mix show, Full Frequency, also the name of his new podcast. More often then not, Christian could be found spinning records at a cool house party, or in the studio perfecting his production skills, then out promoting his own music.
Having his productions (original and remixes) on over 20 Million records and video games, you’ve more then likely experienced one of his tunes at one time or another and just not known it. Just ask Paul Van Dyk, with his track Time of Our Lives, or Nelly Furtado, or Enya with his mix of  Only TimeBasement Jaxx, or any number of taste making DJ’s including John DigweedSteve Aoki, or Roger Sanchez who’ve all been supporters of SAF’s music in one way or another.  Often lumped together with Eric Prydz, Kaskade or Swedish House Mafia, S.A.F.’s music blends between shining dance floor anthems, unforgettable lyrics and catchy melodies. Full of stylish riffs, S.A.F.’s relentless experimentation and love for originality has continued to separate their sound from the masses and reformed & reshaped our expectations of dance and electronic music today.


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