INTERVIEW: An interview with Nature of Music, Summer 2014 by Christina Turner


Mazi and Kian, also known as Nature of Music, are a Toronto-based electronic music duo. Prior to forming in 2009, they were DJing solo but came together after noticing their music style fit perfectly. Currently, they are touring North America, playing Cherry Beach, and are owners of Equaria, a music agency that is dedicated to organizing electronic music events.

I had the opportunity to sit and talk to both Mazi and Kian, and was immediately attracted to their upbeat, happy and easy-going nature. They guys sat and talked to me about their relationship with Electric Island, their DJ career and their current shows.

1. Hi guys, Happy Canada Day!
Both: Hi, thank you! Happy Canada Day to you as well!

2. Great set! I couldn’t stop dancing!
Both: Thank you!

3. There has been so much hype around today, how do you guys get prepared for Electric Island?
Mazi: Well, I guess it’s like any other gig, the excitement is defiantly higher than the other ones, but it’s another show and it’s a good one.

4. Great, so you guys have done Electric Island before, yes?
Kain: Yes, we did it last year

5. Tell me a little bit about Nature of Music and how you guys came to be?
Mazi: Yeah, so we started back in 2003 – 2004, individually. We were friends at the time. We each had quite different style but it didn’t make sense to play together. But then around 2009, 2010, we noticed that our sounds were quiet similar enough to start a new project and to play together. And then that’s when we started Nature of Music. We thought that the combination will allow us to play together rather than having one has to wait, and then another one plays the record, and then the other one plays that record, so it’s a good combination. It has been about 4 years now that we have been doing it, and it’s been quite fun.

6. Where has Nature of Music been playing?
Mazi: Pretty much different places in Toronto, we managed to play in Montreal a couple of times, Ottawa. In the next few months we’re playing in Calgary and Edmonton. And we’ve also had a couple of international gigs as well, so we’re hoping for more of that.
And you guys are also doing Cherry Beach?
Mazi: Yes
Kain: For sure, we did the first one three weeks ago.

7. And are you guys residents there often?
Mazi: Well the guys that set up Cherry Beach are really good friends of ours, and we’ve been playing with them for almost… I would say 7 or 8 years now. And whenever we can, we’ll go, and obviously a night like tonight we can’t go because Electric Island is happening.

8. How did you get involved with Electric Island?
Mazi: Um…
Kain: Well, it all started because the organizers also do the events at CODA, and they have been booking us at CODA and Footwork as well, during the past 5, 6, years so they knew us. So it kind of came together.
Mazi: It’s mainly through Platform and CODA that we’ve been playing for them for a few years now. And they offered us to play, we took it and we love playing.

9. Have you guys done any previous shows with the DJ’s that are working tonight?
Kain: Not with Dixon, but some of the artist before we have.
Mazi: No actually, not with this lineup. This is all new too us.
Kain: We’re excited to see them
Mazi: We’ve heard most of them play with Coda or Footwork in the past but we’ve never played with them

10. What is coming up in the future for Nature of Music?
Kain: We’re playing Saturday at Ryze and opening for Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. And the weekend after, we’re playing at a place in Toronto called Cabal for an after party and the weekend after…
Mazi: We’re doing a little canoe trip/camping trip/ festival that we’re playing near Muskoka, and then three weeks or four weeks after we’re playing Eclipse Festival in Montreal. So you know, summer is always busy and it’s great to play outdoors rather than indoors as well.
Kain: We love outdoor parties, don’t get us wrong indoor is great too, but outdoor is a different vibe
Mazi: It’s great, everyone is happier, there’s more oxygen, the air, and the vibe is much different I think, everyone is generally happier at an outdoor event. And you know, in Canada you don’t get to play a lot of outdoor events so…

11. Well thank you guys so much!!
Mazi: Thank you, great to meet you
Kain: Thank you!!

With amazing accomplishments and down to earth personality, Nature of Music are DJ’s duo’s to look out for. Climbing their way to success, I expect to see and hear a lot more of the two.


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