INTERVIEW: MDRN, Summer 2014 by Natalia Toussaint


I had the pleasure of meeting MDRN (pronounced modern), born Nathan Pacheco, after his set at Low Frequency, a monthly event hosted by Toronto Bass Community. The 21 year old was a ball of energy as I asked him about his set and what he thought of it. It’s very easy to say he has an understanding of music, beyond just  but understands the theory and composition. Born in Toronto, but now residing in Mississauga, MDRN finds himself at home mixing  Glitch-Hop, Dubstep and Drum and Bass. Drawing inspiration from Rusko, Borgore, Culprate, Nero, Zeds Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica and Megadeth, MDRN captivates audiences with his is behind the decks and with his productions. Creative head behind HypeKrew Records, MDRN can release his, and others, talents to the world.

1. What drew you to wanting to DJ?
Metal. haha. It drew me to live performances and since I couldn’t physically be all the members of a band the next alternative was DJing.

2. Are there any DJs or producers who stand out to you in the business?
Musically, Culprate took a creative spin through Indiegogo campaign, I appreciate that. But Steve Aoki has always stuck out, I’m not a fan of all of his music, but he’s got some great vision.

3. What led you to producing?
8 Bit Video Games & being obsessed with the show “Code Monkeys”. I basically wanted to make my own 8-bit music for my own projects, so google brought me to Reason 4 in 08/09, and I went from there. 😛

4. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to any of your productions?
I suppose it’s subjective but generally Modern, haha.

5. Any artists you want to work with and why?
So many. But top 4… Any one from the Inspected collab (KOAN Sound, Gemini, Culprate, Asa) cuz they’re all Geniuses. Borgore cuz I wanna make a glitch-hop track about getting bitches and dollar signs. Freddie Mercury cuz he was also a Genius. And last, a tie between Rusko, Nero, Skream because they’re all why I’m here.

6. Do you remember the first show you played? Do you still experience the same feelings?
Haha I do, some friends and I rented out a venue and hosted an EP release party for a duo I was in called Substance. We had a blast. I still get nervous, probably because I’m always trying to do something new each time, and that doesn’t always work. But, it’s all in good fun.

7. Do you have any challenges you face as a DJ/producer starting out?
If you don’t, you’re basically not human, haha. The biggest one is not knowing anything! I had no clue what the hell I was getting myself into, I just wanted to make Super Mario music.

8.Are there any venues or festivals you would like to play?
Coachella has always been a big goal for me, and Holy Ship!! Maybe holy space craft, or holy submarines will be the next big thing, I’d definitely wanna hit that up.

9. Any advice you received that has stuck with you in terms of producing or DJing?
Don’t force anything.

10. What are your goals over the next 6 months to a year?
Get bigger than Justin Bieber.



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