INTERVIEW: Noahplause, Summer 2014 by Natalia Toussaint


I met Noahplause, Noah Zimbel, briefly after his set at Low Frequency. The Toronto native and I weren’t able to chat then, so we connected electronically. Noahplause is up-front and does not apologize for in your face attitude. After doing shrooms one night he started making music (true story!). Playing a mix of Trap, Hip-Hop and House, Noahplause likes the low end. Most notably his track, Crunk, was part of ƱZ’s “Trap Quest Mix” for Annie Nightingale, August 23, 2014. If this is any indication, Noahplause is on the fast track to becoming a house hold name.

1. What drew you to wanting to DJ?
Really, I just heard DJs got a lot of booty so yeah.

2. Are there any DJs/producers who stand out to you in the business?
I like Calvin Harris a lot to be honest.

3. What led you to producing?
It was a natural progression from DJing.

4. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never listened to any of your productions?
My sound is like Jewish Trap with a lot of hood influence. I’m the peoples Trap lord.

5. Any artists you want to work with and why?
I want to work with Baauer cause I like him.

10608527_700962583291568_8402533117206374640_oPhoto taken by Sixth Dimension. Photo used with permission.
6. Do you remember the first show you played? Do you still experience the same feelings?
The first show I played was like 6 years ago with Zeds Dead. I was really high.

7. Do you have any challenges you face as a DJ/producer starting out?
The only challenges I have in life are directly related to my digestive system and no I won’t expand on that.

8. Are there any venues or festivals you would like to play?
I wanna play any Hard event.


9. Any advice you received that has stuck with you in terms of producing or DJing?
The best advice I’ve ever gotten is pulling out is 70 percent effective. Those are good numbers you know. 70 percent. That’s way better than 50.

10. What are your goals over the next 6 months to a year?
My goals over the next 6 months is to gain 40 pounds of muscle and move somewhere where I never have to wear a shirt again.

This is only the beginning of Noahplause’s journey in the dance music scene as a producer and DJ. There is no telling where his tracks will end up next. Keep a close eye and ears to his social media accounts to see where you can see him spin live next!



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