TRACK REVIEW: Gareth Emery featuring Christina Novelli “Dynamite” by Jeet Ghoshal



Dynamite is the second track on Gareth Emery’s “Drive” album, released on April 1, 2014. After seeing massive success with their first collaboration, Gareth Emery has teamed up with vocal starlet, Christina Novelli, once again to bring you another progressive anthem. The song opens with a Caribbean drum-like rhythm before quickly cutting out and giving way to Christina Novelli’s beautiful voice. A simple bass line supports her voice as the song slowly and modestly builds up until the piano solo at the one minute mark. Christina’s voice is once again reintroduced for the chorus approximately 30 seconds later. I think Gareth has done a good job here producing something that allows Christina Novelli’s voice to be the main focus. The melody is simple, uplifting and catchy the perfect combination for a song like this.

Despite Gareth Emery being well known for his trance productions and remixes, progressive house seems to be the direction in which he is now focusing, seeing as how “Drive” is almost exclusively progressive house—I use that term loosely as there are many iterations of progressive house. Dynamite follows the prototypical structure for a mainstream progressive house song, with a soft introduction, a quiet break, a build up to the chorus, a highly energetic, vocal infused and beautifully melodic chorus, followed by another break and the next verse. It is quite clear that this song is perfectly suited for the summer festival season, as that was the main imagery I visualized when listening to this song. That being said, I’m probably going to be listening to this a million times between now and next summer in painful anticipation of another wildly fun and exciting festival season.

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